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Refresh causes page to lose CSS style

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Or at least that's what I think is happening!!

If I open the forum, any page, any time, its fine. But, if I refresh any page at any time, the image below is what I get. Yes, I did change the template a bit (not much though, no time! :-[), but surely if I did something wrong it wouldn't work at all? Not only that, but it happens on any theme, even a fresh install of a new theme?

Now what really gets me is, it only happens when Im using my PC here at home. It's never happened on my PC in work.  I also had a user report the same problem. My PC in work has Win2K, IE6 with all the latest patches etc. My PC at home is Win98 with IE6 with latest patches etc. The user was also using 98 and IE6. I haven't had a chance to try it in Mozilla or anything... anyone care to test it for me please?


i dont get any problem in ie or mozilla.

I dont get any problems in work either, what OS are you using?

Shows up fine for me (WinXP Pro, IE 6, all the latest updates). Not sure what to tell you. Must be a windows 98 thing.

It does work for me, but try turning off gzip compression (just a wild guess)


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