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Unable to delete themes

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Alexandre P.:
Somebody reported me that he has trouble to delete themes with Netscape 7.02.  When he clicks on the red X to delete a theme, nothing happens.  This could be bypassed by copying the link and opening it in a new window, of course, but...

I tried myself to delete a theme under Firefox 0.8, and I get the same problem, nothing happens and the theme doesn't delete.

Alexandre P.:

Are we the only one to get this problem?

I didn't have a problem with IE. I can't see why this would be an issue looking at the source code. Maybe it's been fixed for the next beta as I'm looking at current code? If anyone else has experienced this I'd like to know.

Alexandre P.:
I don't have any problem too with IE, but I have (and Percherie has) with Firefox 0.8 and Netscape 7.02.

Seem that there is a similar problem with the error log, when trying to delete entries (under FF or NS or Moz, again)

I use Firefox without any issues....



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