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Small bug while splitting



I'm translating SMF to czech language, thus doing a wealth of reloads.

When I did split, I got the dialogue with possibility of going to new or old topic. After pressing reload (to see the translation) the following bug appeared:

Database Error
You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'LIMIT 1' at line 6
File: /var/www/forum/Sources/Subs-Boards.php
Line: 228

Using beta 5 on RH9, Apache 2.0.40, PHP 4.2.2, MySQL 3.23.54.

Tried to search the forums before posting, but found nothing. My apologies if it's a duplicate.

IT's probably because it's trying to do the split AGAIN when you hit reload. However, this time the message you were splitting at had already been removed hence the error. Not all pages can be refreshed without causing errors.

Yeah, I figured out what's {probably} wrong.

I just let you know because this looks to me like an unhandled error message. I think it would be kosher to print out something about missing topic or such... Just my $0.02

Good point. :)

Should be solved in cvs...



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