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SMF Turns Three!

Started by Oldiesmann, September 29, 2006, 03:07:26 PM

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Happy Birthday SMF. :D

Can you guys tell me, what extra features will be in 1.1?


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Just saw this, thanks very much and much deserved congratulations !
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i wish you all the best!  :)


Happy birthday SMF.

(Hey this looks much better. We should definatly downgrade.) Huh nothing just thinking out loud. : DD
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Late to the party, but...

Woooo hooo!!!  :D

<throws confetti>



bit late, but happy birthday SMF - just upgraded 3 forums to 1.1 RC3 with Dilbert MC theme - great work guys n gals  ;D
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Wonderful, but with all respect I'm more interested in a new final 1.1 release, which seems to take forever.  :


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Congrats simple machines! (smf)

Best free forum package, you guys should be very proud.. :)
I'm my own worst enemy! :P

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3 years, is that all? I feel like I've used it forever. Maybe my memory is taking me back to Yabbse.

Congrats SMF!


I start loving this simple forum...
hoping for move development,,

andddddddd,,, Happy 3rd year


Congratulations, SMF is the best. keep up the good work guys, we will support you in every way we can


Nice to know.
SMF is best!  


Happy birthday to SMF :P :)

(incase I didnt say)
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Quote from: CoreISP on March 25, 2007, 09:29:28 AM
Happy birthday to SMF :P :)

(incase I didnt say)

In 4 days, SMF will be 3 1/2 ;)
Michael Eshom
Christian Metal Fans


better late then never ;)
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husmen73 (Gulhin)

Quote from: Oldiesmann on March 25, 2007, 03:33:26 PM
In 4 days, SMF will be 3 1/2 ;)

oh my god, I have began to SMF 1,5 years ago

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wow i had no idea smf was only 3!

i have been using SMF for around 20months, its the best thing ever, and although i am only about here infrequently i always bump into helpfull people!

Roll on the next 3 years!

Happy Bday

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Stop reminding me of how long I've been around the whole YaBB SE/SMF project, I feel old. :P

I'm going on 6 years I think?