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Guests unable to view attachments

Started by 1964, October 08, 2006, 03:49:46 PM

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I have it set to view but not download, have added "Attachments Download Permission Mod", just not sure whats causing this so I posted here in Administration and Functionality forum.

If seen or not, example [link removed]

Thanks, for anything, have looked and looked at settings, may be I am missing something, no idea.


I see an attachment in the first post of that thread.
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Thanks NEMINI, if you see it, then may be its my stupid connection, just one attached in the first post only.

What I see...
[image removed]


I'm not seeing it either - I'm using Firefox, so I just see the catsprawl.jpg link and not the image placeholder.
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Oldiesmann thanks.

Should add that Admin (William, which is me) and TestAcct(me also) can see it fine, just can not as guest.


I assumed as a guest all your supposed to see is the link for the attachment.  If you click the link you are directed to login.  Stupid firefox and its annoying habit of hiding broken images.
signatures are boring.


Guest Attachments Permissions...
[image removed]

I don't really care if guests view them, just not download any, as mentioned in first post have the "Attachments Download Permission Mod" installed.

Edit: going to remove that mod and see, and I don't recall if it did before adding the mod.

Edit 2: since I couldn't think of anything, mod is removed, works fine without the mod, now this topic is in wrong forum, at least to me now as guest can see them.