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Started by AbsolutelyFreeWeb, October 13, 2006, 10:56:24 PM

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Attention: This Mod is made for Tech Blue Theme By Gaia. It uses Code from Users Online Today By Carceri (with his permission).


Users online today:
enhanced stats on board index and stats page.

Hide admin modification:
Hide last modification date when admin makes modifications to his posts

Reply for Guest:
Guest accounts can see a reply button (they can reply after login/registation)

New topic for Guest:
Guest accounts can see a new topic button (they can make a new thread after login/registation)

Instructions: The distribution comes in 2 zips, one for 1.0 and one for 1.1. Upload the one you need to your packages folder on your server, and it will be shown in the package manager, then click apply mod.

Tech blue theme: (
Original Users Online Mod: (
Leave comments about this mod: (
Other Finexe Free Software: (

If you are upgrading your forum, uninstall your mod first, then re-install after upgrading.
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