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Started by David, May 20, 2004, 12:45:44 AM

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Kevin Where are you hiding?

if you would visit your main site you would know whos this is...LOL

by the way, all of you who want this,  All I can Say is your gonna love it.

the ipb version which I have running on multiple sites, it is awesome,  I just hate ipb
( money hungry grubby lil pigs)

Kevin oh kevin come find me please... lol

EDIT: Amanda Says Hi Unkie Kevin.


I saw Kev about 4 days ago, asked him about development on the smf portal, he said he was pretty busy. I agree with u man, IPB are a buncha greedy pigs :P


Yeah... I'm on the Beta Team over there and have no clue where the portal disappeared to. I agree with everyone on IPB... I never have liked that forum system, and now they're trying to go the "professional" route and stir up more competition for vB, which includes no longer providing support for people using the free version...
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in all actuality there was more modules for it but they disappeared  or was discontinued....

if you go here you can see some of the [nonactive]
i had been trying to intregrate a chat system and actually got one working fairly well here. [nonactive]
it needs some coding help but I'm positive with someone abit more knowledgable could get it with out  too many problems



any news yet ? I really, really, really want it.. 8)


dito .. my project is on hold because of the advertising .....
me .... the black hole of information


Administrator's Note:  I've split off all the posts past this, because of the extreme negativity that was being spread. Let's please keep this topic on-track from here on in.
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We'll update you guys when there is more news.  :)
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