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cbi v0.5 (Custom Board Icons)

Started by Bigguy, November 11, 2006, 11:59:46 AM

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At a quick glance it all looks fine to me and should install. Not to sure why it's not. I have installed it on two different forums now and it works fine, even on modified sites.


Alright I'll take another look.  I'm not sure why it's not working either.

Edit:  I just tried it on another forum I have running 2.0RC2 with no mods.  It kicks back the same error. ???

I'll keep looking


It is giving me the same error.
A few things I spotted...

In the code being searched for in the boardindex:

1) There is a period before  $context['theme_variant']  that is not in a non-modded boardindex.

2) There is a border="0" in there a couple times that also does not exist in a vanilla SMF2 install.


Ok, I will check it out when I get home then.


Ok version 1.5.7 has been uploaded. Although I did not find any errors with 1.5.6 I decided to check it again and upload a new copy with a different version number. If version 1.5.6 is working for the people that have it then there is no need to upgrade to version 1.5.7 (cbi 1.5.6 has been removed from the mods page)


Thanks for the update Bigguy!  I got it working now.

A couple of things though.  In the packages page, 1.5.7 is still listed as 1.5.6.  It installed perfectly now however.  In the readme it states to create files in .gif format.  In SMF 2 RC2 the curve theme uses .png files.

It's working now.  Thank you so much!  This is one of our favorite SMF mods. 


I updated the mod page and will update the readme as well, thank you for your help. :)


Ok, this is what just happened:


mod page with correct version
readme file
version number in package-info and modifications.xml file

This should do it for updating this version....unless I have missed something else, lol. :)


I'm really grateful to you for updating it.  I don't have the knowledge to do such things. 

I'm just happy to have the mod on RC2.  Thank you!



I have another question.  I have the mod working.  The icons are displaying, but when you mouse over any of the board icons it says 'no icon set'.  It's been a while since I used this mod.  I can't remember, is this normal behavior?


No it's not, lol. I will fix that in the next version.....which at this rate should be out sometime tomorrow, lmao. :)


Quote from: Bigguy on December 13, 2009, 09:35:39 PM
No it's not, lol. I will fix that in the next version.....which at this rate should be out sometime tomorrow, lmao. :)

Cheers man.  I hope you know I appreciate what you are doing.  Really.

Looking forward to the next release. 


i got this mod on my smf 2.0rc2 and still showme the old icons :S some of help please?


Try refreshing your browser by using ctrl +f5 See if that helps at all. If you use SMF 2.0 go into the admin panel and clear your cache as well.


sorry, my problem, i think if the mod read different img styles, .gif .jpg and etc, and just use .png, is great :)

congratulations for this mod :D


will this mod work with custom template. i dont use the default core template. can i still use this mod?
and if i am using custom template, do i structure the icons folder on my custom template directory or default core directory?


Yes, this will work in custom themes.... if your custom theme has its own copy of boardindex.template.php, you will have to manually apply the changes.

you will need a copy of the icons in each and every theme folder that you want to support.
This does, however, also give you the ability to use different icons for the different themes

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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I doubt the current version does but one of the older ones might.