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Exactly what is stored/changed on the file system that I should backup?

Started by Charlie82, July 30, 2007, 12:58:12 PM

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I backup my database along with the avatars and attachments folders daily, but are there any other folders that SMF could change?

Manually I backup every file I change, but I don´t know if SMF uses the file system dynamically for something more than avatars and attachments.

For example:
Mediawiki stores software configuration files, custom skins, extensions, images (inc. deleted images) etc. in files.

Thanks a lot.


I'm not aware of any other files which can change (unless as you say, you install/change settings on your server)
(eg settings.php)

Everything else as far as I'm aware is stored in the database which changes.


Backup the attachments folder, settings.php and the database is all that should be needed :)
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Ahh.. then the avatars uploaded by users are stored in the database?

Joshua Dickerson

No, they are stored on the filesystem, but that is something easy enough to bring back and backing them up can be a PITA.
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Ahh I see them. So then they are uploaded in the attachments folder unless I specify a custom one.

Thanks to all.