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Webinstall - A new way to get SMF!

Started by Thantos, November 29, 2006, 07:45:07 AM

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Simple Machines is proud to announce Webinstall, a new way to download the installation and upgrade packages.

Webinstall is a small PHP script that you upload to your server at the location you want the forum’s root directory to be.  Then you simply point your browser to the Webinstall file and follow the directions. 

After you’ve selected the version of SMF and any languages you would like installed, the Webinstall script will download the files from our server and uncompress them.  It will then turn control over to the install script.

Upgrading is also possible with the Webinstall script.  Simply upload the file to the same location as Settings.php and point your browser to the Webinstall file, and proceed as normal.  You may also select additional languages to install while upgrading.  As always we'd like to remind you to always backup your files and data before upgrading.

It is recommended that you have Javascript enabled while running the Webinstall script; so that you may simply select the files you want and then walk away while it downloads and uncompresses the files.

Some servers do not allow you to execute scripts with a file permission of 777.  If you are on one of these servers you can override the default file permission by filling in the desired file setting (in numeric form) in the field below the language choices.

If you encounter a 500 error code when the Webinstall script switches to the upgrade or install script, then you are most likely on a server that doesn't allow a file permission of 777.  You should either manually change the file permissions or you can run the Webinstall script again and override the file permission.

Download Webinstall

Simple Machines



Only problem is that when I'm upgrading my forum I run "Beyond Compare 2" (file comparison software) on the old & new directories, to make all the custom little changes I made again.. And this, I believe, will force overwriting the files with the default original ones..


You should package your custom changes as a mod, so then you can apply them again easily :)
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So this confirms that next SMF is chicken feet. Too bad it can't be downloaded with out team access :). Or maybe it's trap!

I believe that it would be easy to make program that makes mod files automatically.
Run diff -> parse -> write to mod file basically. And it will make faster updates so you gain then. (easy if you are coder)

Admin edit:  Please don't spoil the suprise for others.

Edit: Then happy easter egg hunting... :)
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Dang what surprise :(

Good work with this, it's cool.
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There's still the bug with the checkbox for the "I have read the license and agree to be bound by it." not checked and still installing the software.
But I guess the developers consider it a minor issue, since I reported it one week ago in the charter area, yet they are releasing this tool with the security/legal (I'm not sure how to call it) hole in it.

So, anyone wants to know how to install the forum and not be bound by the agreement?  >:(
I will update all my mods in the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

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Actually I had just forgotten about that.  It was a lesser issue compared to the other bugs.

And to be fair you reported it on Nov 28th, considerng that today is only the 30th, I think a week is a little overblown.

But it matters not.  Lecture is boring so I fixed it.  The weird thing is that it shouldn't have happeed anyways, and when I started putting debug output code in, it worked properly.  /shrug

Luke Beale

Sounds like enougher good way of getting more people to use SMF  ;D


Wow, this is really neat.  Good work.  :)



i'am having trouble installing

when its al done i get a long list with a errors (all the same)

Warning: fopen(/data/members/paid/b/r/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /data/members/paid/b/r/ on line 170

help..... what is goinig wrong?

miranda (from holland)


What permission (chmod) setting did you use?


Nice work (I've yet to test it, though) :D
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Every time I get a Internal Server error, forcing me to start over. Usually I get this on step 3, substep 11 or 16.

I'm hosting on Freehostia, could that be the thing? When I upload it 'manually' it doesn't give this error.


You may need to check your chmod settings if you are getting a 500 error.  I'm not familiar with Freehostia to know if they apply and restrictions on it.


I am clueless as to where and how to install this.

Any help would be appreciated.. [nonactive]


You should just need to upload it and point it in your web browser and follow the steps and be finished :)


I am testing this out on one of my test sites. I see this option:
Use the update package:       Yes Whats the differences between the update and upgrade package?

I click the link and get a off limits error.. Should fix that..
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Thank you..  but..  I just dont know where to upload it to.
(yes.. I am really that clueless)    :)


Hmmm thought I had fixed that one.  Ok the link is fixed now.