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Chinese Romantic Epic "The Knot"

Started by fivegirls, December 06, 2006, 12:25:22 PM

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The Chinese romantic epic The Knot (Yun Shui Yao) premiered in Beijing on Dec. 1st.  :D They had gained 7.28 million RMB just for three days.

This movie is co-presented by China Film Group Corporation, Hong Kong's Emperor Classic Films Company Ltd. , Taiwan's Long Shong Entertainment Multimedia Co.,Ltd. and CCTV's Movie Channel.
It is directed by Yin Li, who was famed by making several TV series and movies. Two mainland rising stars, Chen Kun and Li Bingbing, have leading roles in the movie alongside famous names such as Vivian Hsu, Chang Gua Ahleh, from Taiwan.
The story of a pair of lovers separated by the Taiwan Straits in the 1940s is a co-production between filmmakers from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The plot is based on Taiwan's Zhang Kehui, the movie's original script writer, and some of his Taiwan friends' true stories.
It is the first Chinese movie to fully use digital intermedia to complete its post-production, generating ideal effects for the local street conditions. The movie was shot across China, including Tibet which the director and actors said was the hardest and most challenging part for them, Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

In the beginning...They fell in love. Chen Qiushui was 20.  Wang Biyun was 18.

Qiushui fled Taiwan after the 228 Massacre. They were seperated from then on.

Biyun gave him a gold engagement ring and they promised to meet again.

Qiushui served as an army doctor during the Korean War, where he met Wang Jindi, a nurse from Shanghai who fell in love with him instantly.

Qiushui went to Tibet to rescue the people there.

Years had gone by, Jindi followed Qiushui to Tibet and they were married there. But they were still concern about Biyun.

They were killed in an avalanche. While in Taiwan, Biyun buried Qiushui's mother and continued to pray for his return. 

Biyun is living in Los Angeles. Her niece has traveled to Tibet to retrace Qiushui's footsteps. Through the pictures she sends back via internet, Biyun can see Qiushui's final resting place...
"The story is very touching," director Yin Li said. "Nowadays love is like fast-food. But I hope this movie can remind people what love really is and move those audiences who have their own love stories to cherish true love."

Vivian Hsu (Actress)
Singer/actress Hsu made her music debut in 1991 at the age of 16 as a member of a female trio and released her first solo album in 1996.She first appeared in nude in Devil Angel and Angel Hearts, both of which have achieved cult status in the Asian video market. Her most recognizable role to Westerners was opposite Jackie Chan in The Accidental Spy (2001).

Chen Kun (Actor)
A graduate of the Beijing Film Academy's Department of Performing Arts, Chen made his film debut in director Wu Ziniu's National Anthem (1999). He has since then worked with many award-winning directors from China and Hong Kong, including Dai Sijie's The Little Chinese Seamstress (2002), Yim Ho's A West Lake Moment (2004), a role for which he was nominated for Best Actor at the 2005 Golden Horse Film Awards, Li Shoahong's Boaber in Love (2004) and Chen Yifei's The Music Box (2006).

Li Bingbing (Actress)
After graduating from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Li won the Best Actress Award in the Singapore International Film Festival in 2000 for her film debut in Seventeen Years (1999), directed by Zhang Yuan. She has since then appeared in Love for All Seasons (2003), Cat and Mouse (2003), Purple Butterfly (2003), Silver Hawk (2004) opposite Michelle Yeoh and A World Without Thieves (2004).

Yin Li (Director)
A graduate of the Art Direction Department of the Beijing Film Academy, Yin is currently a director for the China Film Group Corporation. His The September of Mine won the Best Children Film award at the Golden Rooster Awards in 1990 and his recent work Zhang Si De picked up Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor at the 11th China Movie Awards.