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I know, phpCMS is not as popular as Typo3 or nuke, but it's a austrian CMS-System with a very good Template engine!
SRY, my Question:
# is it allowed to include SMF in phpCMS? YaBB SE worked, so let's check, if SMF'll be the same

So, that's all

the url: (or search it @


PS: sry for my bad english

Putting it in is fine.  No one has any problems with it.

However, distributing it with SMF inside might cause problems.  We'll have to talk if that's what you want to do - but I can assure you we won't make it difficult.


fine! I'm loking forward! :)

If u want to see YaBB SE running in phpCMS look @ my (not really working Site)



hm, how many Exits does SMF till now have??

because the developers from phpCMS said 2 me, that this would cause some small parsing Errors in phpCMS => Site cannot be displayed correctly



There are 2 calls to the exit function I can think of off hand.



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