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[Theme] Apollo (SMF v1.0.5 - SMF v1.1RC2)

Started by bloc, July 05, 2004, 06:45:55 PM

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Quote from: Bloc on January 01, 2006, 02:10:37 PM
Quote from: tL0z on January 01, 2006, 07:27:26 AM

I'm having a big problem on my fórum ->

When I login, the top bar (mini profile and logo) and the news box (Amazon Pub) disapear!

I have:
SMF 1.05
Portuguese Language

Have you modified the template files in any way..?

Yes when I tried to make the shoutbox appear. Should I put the original index.template.php file?


No..but i need to see the file to see whats going on. Probably a wrong turn somewhere. Could you post the code a 8-10 lines above and 10 lines below your code changes?


I removed the shoutbox and I don't know where I modyfied the code :(

Can I send you all the code by mp?


Yes. Just use the mail adress in my profile if you like.



Updated for use in SMF1.1RC2. See first post for download link.


I've been using this theme for quite a while now, and like it very much.

Couple of small glitches in the Dutch translation:
- there is no im_reply.gif
- the delete.gif should be translated as 'Verwijderen' instead of 'Alles Ungelzen'
- Also markunread.gif is not correct. Translation is now 'Reageer' and should be 'Markeer als ongelezen'. The little picture on the button doesn't work either.
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Hi , i want to know how i change the color of moths in posts like this:

I´m Portuguese Yeah


Do you have a link? And whitch theme are you using?

me:goos and look if if it is possible in default :P


I´m Portuguese Yeah



Phoenix Digital | Powered by SMF 1.1 Beta 3 Public.

BoardIndex.template.php line 186
     <td class="smalltext" valign="middle" width="25%">';

                                /* The board's and children's last_post's have:
                                        time, timestamp (a number that represents the time.), id (of the post), topic (topic id.),
                                        link, href, subject, start (where they should go for the first unread post.),
                                        and member. (which has id, name, link, href, username in it.) */
                                if (!empty($board['last_post']['id']))
                                        echo ' <a href="', $board['last_post']['href'], '">
                       <img border="0" vspace="3" hspace="5" alt="last post" src="' , $settings['images_url'] , '/post/xx.gif" align="left" /></a> ', $board['last_post']['time'], '<br />
                       <b>', $board['last_post']['link'], '</b> ', $txt[525], '
                       ', $board['last_post']['member']['link'];

                                echo '

', $board['last_post']['time'], '

Has to be changed to lose variables, and then html can be used to changed it.
I Guess bloc knows the anwser :P to that question.


Thank you.... it works fine this one

Cump N3lson
I´m Portuguese Yeah



I've just upgraded my forum from SMF 1.0.5 to 1.1 RC2 and now, the template small images (smileys and "?" for example) apear with a blue border.

How can I take this off?



What is the stylessheet? The file styles.css on the Apolo folder? Should I do this on each template's styles.css file?



Yes, style.css. There is only one style.css per theme.



Is another versions(colors versions) of this theme? i'd like this theme but in orange..., can anybody put here some sugestions to a CSS orange version?

tnks, HecKel
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Hi , i installed version 1.1RC2 and the box of the theme apollo not showin wright in IE but mozilla is fine
I´m Portuguese Yeah


is there a way to remove the items in the image i dont want those boxes displayed, any help would be apprciated thanks

version 1.1RC2 board version 1.0.7 ( I think )

new to SMF so bear with me