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Akismet Spam Protection for SMF

Mod Author: Runic
Original Author: daniel15
Previous Authors: live627
SMF Version: 3.0.X
Mod Version: 1.2

This is a SMF modification implementing the Akismet spam protection service. The mod uses purely hooks and no file edits so it requires SMF 2.0. It only checks topics since there is no hook for posting replies.

How do I use it?
Firstly, you'll need to sign up for a free API key at Then, install this mod via the SMF Package Manager. Once it's installed, there will be a new 'Akismet Configuration' option in the admin panel, under the 'Forum' section. Enter your API key in, and you're all set!
Make sure message moderation in the basic settings in SMF is enabled!!!

How do I know it's working?
You test it, of course! Simply write a new topic with the subject of 'akismet-test-123', and it will be classified as spam by the mod. This tests that the mod is installed correctly. An additional test is writing a guest post with a name of 'viagra-test-123'. Any message with this name will be marked as spam by the Akismet service. If this message is also detected as spam, then everything is working perfectly.

Why Not Visit:

Very cool, every little bit helps.   8)

Installation went well my my 1.1.1 forums.

Just got this error after deleting a test post that was marked not as spam:

Error connecting to host: Error number: 0 Error message: Undefined error: 0

Edit - I had to un-install cause it was clause slowness when hit and getting to the forum page. 

I like it very much. Has already catched many spam on my blog, so I hope it will do a good job on SMF as well.

Just not sure about editing my DilbertMC theme. I've screwed up the theme several times already :(

how to install this mod ?
i just login as admin - click to admin - package manager - download package , then upload it - browse package , then click to apply mod , then i have message :
Installations actions for "Akismet Spam Blocking":
The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF.

what i should do ?


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