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Akismet Spam Protection

Started by vbgamer45, December 29, 2006, 02:19:52 AM

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Hi, I've just bought an API key,and installed the MOD "Akismet Spam Protection 1.2 Beta 3"

As I install it I've got a panel in wich I can insert the key, but nothing seems to happen.

Then I try to write a new topic with the subject of 'akismet-test-123', and it is classified as spam. Same thing if I open a topic with a user named viagra-test-123.
But that's all... if I open, for example, a topic with a user named Drizchooc that has a mail like
jdfhkhsdjfhskjdhfueiuwhriuwhfsbchsbcwcbsbcjhwbcd@gmail.com, and with object "How to gain more" it goes in the forum like a normal post. Same thing with every spam-like post  from improbable users.

I ask to Akismet support, but tehy answer me that probably my forum is not able to talk to the Akismet servers (but the tests seems to tell the opposite) and, as they do not write that plugin I have to contact the author of that mod and request his help.

This is the only MOD I've installed. Forum has SMF 2.0.3 Update. Layout "Core Theme"

Can you help me?



for some reason I can't find the askimet config menu. 

SMF 2.0.3
Askimet 1.2 Beta 3


It's under:

Admin > Modification Settings > Akismet Spam Blocking (the only 'option' is the API key for Akismet).
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Same here, SMF 2.0.4 and Akismet Spam Blocking 1.2 Beta 3
'akismet-test-123',  it is NOT classified as spam.
Can sombody helps me please?


We've been using Akismet successfully for a few months now, all of a sudden we are getting error messages in the logs of:

8: Undefined index: akismet_cant_connect File: forum/Sources/Akismet.class.php
Line: 371

8: Undefined index: akismet_cant_connect
8: Undefined variable: topic
Line 80

Any ideas at all please? Could it be a firewall issue as we've also had issues with our emails today (which appears to be firwall related)

Thanks in advance,

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I installed

into my SMF 2.0.5 forum.  It installed with no errors, but there were no additions to the Adminsitration center, in particular, nothing under "Forum" which is where the instructions said it would be.

Is this a known issue?  Is this something I can correct on my own?


Quote from: BFS010 on September 29, 2013, 10:52:14 PM
I installed

into my SMF 2.0.5 forum.  It installed with no errors, but there were no additions to the Adminsitration center, in particular, nothing under "Forum" which is where the instructions said it would be.

Is this a known issue?  Is this something I can correct on my own?
I solved it by typing "Akismet" in the search bar of the admin panel and it sent me to where you can add the API key. It's not a solution to to the issue but it's a workaround.

I'm using SMF 2.0.6 and there is no "'Akismet Configuration'" or similar under "forum" in the admin panel.



I would like to echo last reply... As admin my posts are often not displayed - need to approve my own posts.


i hsve install this Plugin (ksimet) no sucsess,
hxxp:Forumgosip.com/ [nonactive]


QuoteI think this mod is causing this annoying bug...

Since uninstalling this mod I do not have any problems with my own posts (by Admin)  set to unapproved anymore.



I was using Askimet (last version) and suddenly my foruns (there's 2) became almost impossible to create topics...
By clicking in "Send" button to create the topic, the browser can't get the response from server until the default browser timeout... the toppic is created, not showing the next step to user, making the user go back and try to create it again clicking in "Send" button again...

Disabling Akismet MOD (removing the API key) the problem was solve...

There's anyone with this problem too? Or is an know error?

Please help-me! Akismet was blocking almost spams in my foruns...



Yes - We've had the same problem.

You post a new topic, and it hangs there for 2 minutes 30 seconds before you see your own post. It's taken me a few days to narrow down the problem to the Akismet mod.  :-\

It only started happening since last week.

I have the Akismet Spam Blocking 1.2 Beta 3

You can temporarily stop the problem with the Akismet mod just by removing the Akismet key (of course this means that the Antispam mo doesn't work either).

I wonder if Akismet have changed something?

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What version are/were you running of the mod?

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1.2 Beta 3 too... it seems to be the last one...



Thanks for the reply :) Lets hope we may be get some help on this one or perhaps figure it out ourselves if we have to.

Do have the exact date that you noticed a problem with this?

I'm guessing that there has been a change in the way that the akismet service/site communicates with APIs. If we can figure out the date then we may be able to go to them and ask them what changes they have made (if they have), and then it might give us some clues to be able to fix it.

The other possibility is that a package update on one of our own servers was updated which has in some way broken this. There were a load of updates around about Sept 25th on our server


Sep 25 Updated:
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Sorry for digging up this but the issue is still going on.

Mod version 1.2 (supposedly the version updated on September 19, 2015)
SMF v2.0.11

Posting new topics works but takes 2m30s.
You can interrupt the page after clicking the submit button before the 2m30s and the topic will still be posted.

The test topic (with akismet-test-123 as subject) is immediately caught.
Posting new replies works fine.

Hope this is fixed one  day, Akismet is a good anti-spam...



November 02, 2015, 05:27:56 AM #257 Last Edit: November 02, 2015, 05:58:42 AM by Armada
It doesn't look like it was really updated.

If you look at the zip file, the most recent file in there is the package-info.xml file dated 15 June 2013.

It doesn't look good that the mod author username of "Runic" no longer exists here on the Simple Machines Forum http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?action=profile;u=23577

Also, Daniel is no longer working on it either (form an email I got from him in 2014).

It looks like it's been abandoned.

If we can figure out *when* it broke for people (or even determine has it broken for *everybody*) then perhaps betwen us we can piece together what might be wrong with it.

My initial thinking is it's something to do with the 'strictness' of php after an update, or a difference in how akismet handles requests. Heck it cold be someting to do with SSL certificates or something like that. I don't know :P If we could find a date for when it seemed to break then we could:

a) Look to see if there was a new php update around that time
b) Look to see if akismet changed it's api around that time

It's probably the Akismet.class.php that need a good looking at, and compare it to the 'comment check' method in Akismet: http://akismet.com/development/api/#comment-check

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Runic is still around -- he just left for a bit and came back with a different account.

From the first post, you can tell that the current "owner" of the mod is vbgamer.
Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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November 02, 2015, 10:36:45 AM #259 Last Edit: November 02, 2015, 11:28:23 AM by Armada
Cool, what's Runic's new username on here?

Vbgamer doesn't seem to be responding to *any* of these posts? Not even once.

Is there any chance you could ask them nicely to look into this please?

It does seem to be an abandoned mod at the moment.
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