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[SMF Converter] Yabb 2.2

Started by SleePy, July 14, 2008, 10:47:48 PM

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Does (and where?) this converter log anywhere - I'm getting an error about 1 hour into conversion:

Converting mark read data...The database value you're trying to insert does not exist: id_member

But no clues as to what it is doing at the time, except doing the mark read stuff.  (I'm trying to convert a 2.5AE YaBB to SMF 2.0 RC5)


I guess I'll add to this.  Was working on converting YaBB 2.2 board to SMF and got this error:

Converting topics (part 1)...Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (num_views)

Please let me know if you need any more information.  Thanks.


OK, found my answer after some digging.  That error is MySql saying "Hey, you're trying to insert something weird into the integer field called num_viewed."  I opened up the yabb22_to_smf.php script and looked for that field.  I then had it print out the variable that it was trying to insert into the table and it turned out that it was inserting a string into the field.  I then added some code to check if that variable was an integer and reran the script and it ran through all the way to the end.  Thank God, because converting has been nasty.  Hope this helps someone.  Time for a beer.


Hello, I'm trying to convert my Yabb 2.4 forum and got the same error as moodydood:

Converting membergroups... Successful.
Converting members... Successful.
Converting settings... Successful.
Converting personal messages (part 1)... Incomplete.
Not quite done yet!
This conversion has paused to avoid overloading your server, and hence not working properly.
Don't worry though, nothing's wrong - simply click the continue button below to start the converter from where it left off.

Converting topics (part 1)... Successful.
Converting mark read data...The database value you're trying to insert does not exist: id_member

Can someone help with this? moodydood if you're still around maybe? :D



No problem.  I'll try to help if I can.  However the problem you're running into is the same as IamTheBoy's problem, which is what opened the topic.  I just added to it and I never got that particular problem, so I don't know how much help I will be.  Maybe tell me what steps you took to get to this point?


Firstly, thanks for taking the time to reply and offer for help.

I did nothing fancy other than install latest smf and pointing the yabb2.2 conversion script to my current yabb2 install. I read  IamTheBoy's post and he suggested putting yabb2 into maintenance mode and running all cleanup routines, which I hadn't done. Do you think that this can cause a problem?

I was thinking of just installing smf 1.something like  IamTheBoy did and running the 2.4 conversion script and see what happens.

But I'm really interested in your opinion, what would you suggest?


(sorry for replying with email too, I thought you contacted me there instead of posting on the forum!)


For what it's worth, I followed Iamtheboys' instructions and converted mine when I was playing around with SMF and it worked great. I went from YaBB 2.4 to SMF 1.1.14 full version, then upgraded to SMF 2.0.2.

I used the instructions from the following post.

Hope this helps.

Sorry about the link, I'm on my phone.


Well I did all the suggestions from IamTheBoy's post, and it seems it did its job! Of course I'll have to comb and massage it a bit till I'm sure it did a 100% job (and see how I can port over my existing shoutbox etc etc etc).

Anyway, thanks to all the people that helped :)


Glad to hear it worked. I was worried when I did mine but all went well.


Hi everybody. Knowing that this is an old topic, but still hoping for an answer. I was trying to convert my Yabb2.2.2 to SMF with the converter and got the following error message. As I'm not very good at this is there any suggestions what to do?

Converting membergroups... Unsuccessful!
This query:
REPLACE INTO `viskikaa_smf`.smf_membergroups
(ID_GROUP, groupName, onlineColor, minPosts, stars)
VALUES (2, SUBSTRING('Moderaattori', 1, 80), SUBSTRING('#blue', 1, 20), '-1', SUBSTRING('5#stargmod.gif', 1, 255)),
(1, SUBSTRING('Ylläpitäjä', 1, 80), SUBSTRING('#red', 1, 20), '-1', SUBSTRING('5#staradmin.gif', 1, 255)),
(3, SUBSTRING('YaBB Moderator', 1, 80), SUBSTRING('green', 1, 20), '-1', SUBSTRING('5#starmod.gif', 1, 255));

Caused the error:
Unknown column 'groupName' in 'field list'


Hi there!

In fact, I curently try to directly convert from YaBB 2.3.1 to SMF 2.0.9.

It seems as if i'm half way through (even though the forum looks quite broken, when I log in... - I still hope, this will become better...)

But now the converter stops with this Message (see image below)

What mods are you talking about? And what' happening with the database?

Maybe it is a sfaer bet to convert to an elder SMF Version (like 1.1.n ) and then go for a second try to convert that to SMF 2.x ?

Best regards,


Yes, I would say to try with 1.1 first. These converters are quite old...
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Hello there,

I've just converted my YaBB 2.4 to SMF 1.1.21. I tried it with the latest version forst but it didn't work.

So far, everything worked fine. However there is still some minor issue: Any text gets cut off at the first ä, ö or ü character. So, there is some chance that I just choosed the wrong charset (I choosed UTF-8). Or will I have to change the language in the forum first? If so, I didn't find a proper language pack (german) for the old version. These ones;id=21 doen't work correctly.

Does anyone have the same issue and know how to fix? Woukld be great. Thank you



Well, I restarted the converting process with ISO 8859-1 charset now. I also changed the forums charset to ISO 8895-1. In rsult, the forums titels and descriptions are completely. Also some of the userposting. But still there are some missing by cutting off behind the first Ä, Ö or Ü


Hello will there be a  [SMF Converter] Yabb 2.6.11???

A LOT of people are desperate for this, we can't move forward.

Let us know

Thank you.