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[SMF Converter] YaBB SE 1.5.4

Started by JayBachatero, January 08, 2007, 11:25:48 AM

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Try to run that query from phpmyadmin or another tool.
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Now the field which is missing is clarified. I compared field names in database with field names used in sql-query and most are different!

I attach an image of the first field names of yabbse_members. So in yabbse database there is memberName and in sql query it is member_name. Nearly no naming is correct.


It seems the over this thread scattered convert.php and yabbse_to_smf.sql all work on very old mysql versions and the one which you can get in download secition has wrong table namings in .sql file (and as I have seen in php, too). Is there a version with fixed table namings? If not I think I will try to fix the namings by myself.