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RSS Feed Poster

Started by SMFHacks.com Team, January 11, 2007, 07:46:04 PM

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Please note we reply to forum postings on this forum. Your hosting may not be set up in a way such that this mod can work, fsock may not be enabled for instance. The mod may not be set up properly on your forum or the feed you are trying to use may not be a valid one (either not existing or containing invalid characters that make it unusable)...there are a number of possibilities.


Hello TrueSatan,

          Which link is required in smf forum feed poster configuration.


 To be honest my own hosting doesn't allow fsock open so I can't install and use this mod to debug things for you...that said the feed links you would use would be .rdf, .xml, .rss in type. You would need to find a suitable feed and it would be as well if you used a validator to check it. As an example the feed offered by SMF at the bottom of this page is shown as xml http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?action=.xml


Hello Sir,

   I tried for .xml link for this purpose I used     http://www.rediff.com/rss/perfinrss.xml [nofollow] this url but it's not working.There is not any error also.


Have you checked you hosting to see that fsock is enabled...if it isn't the mod won't work. BTW rediff.com is on some of the lists of malware or ad serving sites I use so I am unwilling to check that link. It may be that your host has it blocked too.


Hello my host is showing fsock enable then what to do now.Which link is required ....what is the problem.



           Your package not working on my host so which link is required to pass the in add feed section. I tried well but this package not responding.So [nofollow] pls replay with a proper solution.


Hello VBGamer sir,

                  u there??????????????



1.My web site feeds are showing live links ( i have hidden mp3 urls in my site). even when i connect thru the feeds i am able to see the posts & urls for download without logging into the forum.

2. How to hide the author of the post from the feed.

thanks in advance
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How can I cut off/ignore any html tags/code for all or specific member on SMF 1.1.4 with this mod.
i mean html tags like <td></td><a></a><img> etc

please let me know what should I do as while using this mod some of the post get posted with all the html code stuffs.


October 02, 2007, 01:23:27 PM #570 Last Edit: October 03, 2007, 05:46:03 AM by allumius
Sorry for my english

I'm using 1.1.3

Using Real Cron jobs no post and if i try http://losamigotes.homelinux.org/forum/cronrss.php
QuoteFeed Poster Configuration
nothing more

If i use fake cron jobs, I have three problems:

1º i have Update every x minutes 100
But every 5-10 min. a feedpost is write in the forum

2º i have post duplicated (see imagen)

3º in to the feedpost i have bizarre text. example:
QuoteMerck cerrará el Laboratorio de Investigación

La decisión deja a España sin uno de los pocos centros no dependientes de los fondos públicos que se dedicaba a la investigación básica.&nbsp;


I got a problem. HTML is showing, and not getting converted to BBCode.. e.g: http://adminfuel.com/drupalsecurity_updates_and_bugfixes_available_drupal_52_and_477_released-t772.0.html

Any way to do this?
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Hello Sir,

I used the cron job component is working but i am getting the following error

: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

So what to do now.


Hello Sir,

Some time it gives "this service is temparary unavaliable." or "connection problem" as like errors getting by giving .xml link and cron job.So [nofollow] what to do now.


This looks to be a problem that isn't due to the mod so short of changing your hosting I don't think there's much else that you can do. Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, your host doesn't appear to be able to reliably complete the query sent to it from the mod but given that it can do the task at other times you can be reasonably certain that it is a problem with the hosting not the mod.


Another solution to the problem with non-US characters. The other solutions here have not worked for me (for instance, iconv does not exist in my php). Anyway, here goes something that has been tested with swedish and finnish characters ("nordic" that is).


// Create the Post
$msg_title = htmlspecialchars(($feed['html'] ? $context['feeditems'][$i]['title'] : strip_tags($context['feeditems'][$i]['title'])), ENT_QUOTES);
$msg_title = mb_convert_encoding($msg_title, "UTF-8", mb_detect_encoding ($msg_title, 'UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, ASCII'));
$msg_body =  htmlspecialchars(($feed['html'] ? $context['feeditems'][$i]['description'] . "\n\n" . $context['feeditems'][$i]['link']  : strip_tags($context['feeditems'][$i]['description'] .  "\n\n" . $context['feeditems'][$i]['link'])), ENT_QUOTES);
$msg_body = mb_convert_encoding($msg_body, "UTF-8", mb_detect_encoding ($msg_body, 'UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, ASCII'));

What does it do? It tries to detect what encoding the incoming text has, and then converts it to UTF-8. If your forum is running on some other encoding, then just change the destination encoding scheme in the code above (second parameter in mb_convert_encoding). This works with mixed feeds that are ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8 - all result in proper characters in UTF-8. If you have an exotic character-set, just add it to the list in the mb_detect_encoding-function.

Hope this solves something for someone.
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I get 3 pages worth of errors in the error lock with problems with the fopen on line 314 in Subs-RSS... what could be the problem?
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Server misconfiguration. When I've seen such errors that has been the reason for them.


My host provides cURL which is already used in the top half of the file. I used this to stop all errors shown in error log..
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It seems like the mod truncates the text from the blog and only posts the beginning of the text in the forum. How can I have the entire blog post be posted in the forum?

Btw, the feed doesn't truncate, it shows the entire blog post.