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[SMF Converter] phpBB - 2.0.19+

Started by JayBachatero, January 13, 2007, 02:47:08 AM

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Well you can set in each persons profile a Custom Title. You could also set a membergroup and just have it do nothing (clear everything on permissions so it isn't granting nor denying any permission).

In SMF 2.0 you can do inherted permissions, so things like that would be easier and let it inherit permissions from another group.
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Hmmmm i assume the custom title's are editable by the user though? So i'll have to stick with creating groups without permissions i think.

I might look into 2.0, i read on the main page that it was early beta though and not really ready for live use, though maybe i'll go skim the major thread and see what kinda bugs are present.



Wait i see the custom title is only admin editable. Perfect!!!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.



Yes you can make it changeable only to admins via removing it in permissions
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Im not to good with this, Can someone run me through the steps?

I installed a new SMF in a directory on the same server as my phpbb forum

I uploaded the change php and the sql file but I get this error:




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Can you paste the SQL error you got?

Was it in this topic? Common conversion errors.
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Sorry, I'm a just a beginner. Can anyone tell me the steps to do after I downloaded the converter and phpbb2_to_smf_sql?


the steps:
0) Read the docs: Converting to SMF ;)
1) Install SMF
2) Upload convert.php and phpbb2_to_smf.sql (both in SMF directory)
3) execute convert.php from the browser


Please, help me, when I convert my phpbb2 (2.0.23) database into SMF (1.1.3) the following error appears: .

Converting ranks... Successful.
Converting groups... Successful.
Converting members... Unsuccessful!
This query:
u.user_id AS ID_MEMBER, SUBSTRING(u.username, 1, 80) AS memberName,
SUBSTRING(u.username, 1, 255) AS realName,
SUBSTRING(u.user_password, 1, 64) AS passwd, u.user_lastvisit AS lastLogin,
u.user_regdate AS dateRegistered,
SUBSTRING(u.user_from, 1, 255) AS location,
u.user_posts AS posts, IF(u.user_level = 1, 1, [nonactive]_GROUP) AS ID_GROUP,
u.user_new_privmsg AS instantMessages,
SUBSTRING(u.user_email, 1, 255) AS emailAddress,
u.user_unread_privmsg AS unreadMessages,
SUBSTRING(u.user_msnm, 1, 255) AS MSN,
SUBSTRING(u.user_aim, 1, 16) AS AIM,
SUBSTRING(u.user_icq, 1, 255) AS ICQ,
SUBSTRING(u.user_yim, 1, 32) AS YIM,
SUBSTRING(u.user_website, 1, 255) AS websiteTitle,
SUBSTRING(u.user_website, 1, 255) AS websiteUrl,
u.user_allow_viewonline AS showOnline, u.user_timezone AS timeOffset,
IF(u.user_viewemail = 1, 0, 1) AS hideEmail, u.user_avatar AS avatar,
REPLACE(u.user_sig, '\n', '<br />') AS signature,
u.user_sig_bbcode_uid AS signature_uid, u.user_avatar_type,
u.user_notify_pm AS pm_email_notify, u.user_active AS is_activated,
'' AS lngfile, '' AS buddy_list, '' AS pm_ignore_list, '' AS messageLabels,
'' AS personalText, '' AS timeFormat, '' AS usertitle,
'' AS secretQuestion, '' AS secretAnswer, '' AS validation_code,
'' AS additionalGroups, '' AS smileySet, '' AS passwordSalt,
u.user_registered_ip AS memberIP, u.user_registered_ip AS memberIP2
FROM `gb_for2`.phpbb_users AS u
LEFT JOIN `gb_for2`.phpbb_ranks AS r ON (r.rank_id = u.user_rank AND r.rank_special = 1)
LEFT JOIN `gb_for2`.smf_membergroups AS mg ON (mg.groupName = CONCAT('phpBB ', r.rank_title))
WHERE u.user_id != -1
GROUP BY u.user_id
LIMIT 0, 500;
Caused the error:
Unknown column 'u.user_registered_ip' in 'field list'

Thank you.


ok, i must be blind, i can't find where to d/l the convert.php file, could somebody please point me in the right direction.
i tried the link in the first post. it led me to a link that led me right back to itself. after doing this several times and scratchin my head i decided to ask for help :)
btw, install went very smoothly, now if could just get the convert to go as well  8)


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Thank You! that was the push i needed to get me to read better :)
I was clicking on the link that said 2.0.19+, and ending up back here ... this time I clicked on the word "here" in the opening paragraph and went to the d/l area where all was well :D

PS it seems to have worked fine, i'm going back now to give it a closer look but at first glance all seems well :D
Thank you all very much!!

John Rambo

Notice: Undefined variable: dbname in /home/rock/public_html/convert.php(407) : eval()'d code on line 1

Notice: Undefined variable: table_prefix in /home/rock/public_html/convert.php(407) : eval()'d code on line 1

Why Do We Say a mistake to?



When I try to download this converter, I keep getting linked back and forth between the two topics,... can someone point me to the actual file please? and some instructions for this converter would be helpful as well.

Thank you.

phpBB v2.022 to SMF 1.1.7

Big Enis

I am trying to convert my PHPBB 2.0.21 and so far so good, but when I put in the two path names of the smf and phpbb I get an error that says: This converter was unable to find SMF in the path you specified.

This is the location: [nofollow]

The smf is there, so I don't see what I'm doing wrong.  If I give the wrong password to the smf, will I get a different error message?


the path for SMF ends with .../smf
the path for phpBB ends with .../forum

... should be automatically detected by convert.php


Referring to the converter page that ask you to enter the "Path to SMF:" and the "Path to phpBB2:"

Nothing I've entered seems to work. Although I quickly get a

Recalculating forum statistics... Successful."

nothing has changed.

Any ideas on the correct path?

I've tried umpteen hundred combinations and none work.

some examples:






I've tried multiple combinations in both the SMF and phpBB boxes.

Thanks in advance.