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[SMF Converter] phpBB - 2.0.19+

Started by JayBachatero, January 13, 2007, 02:47:08 AM

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Thanks, I knew I was missing something obvious, my apologies but I'm rather new to this conversion thingmyjig.  ;)

Thanks for the link.


One more quick question.

The attachment I downloaded from the first page in this thread, the .sql file was 35kb in size.

The one contained in the phpBB2 zip file from the download is 32kb in size.

Which one should I upload to my server, the 35kb one or the 32kb one?. Or does it not matter which?.



35kb one.  The one on this topic is the up to date one.
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Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate it greatly.


Just downloaded the phpBB convert script. My first run through I got the error message about the ALTER TABLE statement with "ORDER BY LENGTH(code) DESC" in it that doesn't work. I saw some suggest just changing that to "ORDER BY code DESC", which helped. Should that not have been changed in the main script?

But now I have the problem that the first letter of every signature is cut off. I noticed a message about that from a year ago. Is anyone working on fixing that. I can't have all of my users lose the first letter of their signatures.

I'd be happy to go in and debug this problem if no one else has the time.



Have you used the files from this thread? It should be solved a long time ago...
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so, what's the step by step to converting from phpbb to smf?
1. upload the phpBB2 Converter from the http://www.simplemachines.org/download/?converters
to the root folder
2. upload  convert.php to the root folder
3. import phpbb2_to_smf.sql
4. execute convert.php

is this correct? TIA


Converting to SMF

Use the phpbb2_to_smf.sql from the first post in this topic.
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October 30, 2007, 10:40:51 AM #330 Last Edit: October 30, 2007, 10:57:00 AM by unjuster
Hello Everyone.

I'm having a little problem converting from phpBB2 to SMF. It tells me that 'This converter was unable to find SMF in the path you specified".
I double checked the path, and also made sure, that it was already installed there.

I have my SMF installation in the root directory  hxxp:www.xxxx.es/"httpdocs" [nonactive]
And I have my phpBB under  hxxp:www.xxxx.es/"httpdocs"/phpBB2 [nonactive]

Also, I have my SMF DB, and my phpBB2 DB in the same server, but not together, and under diferent usernames.
I just don't know how to give privileges to the other user name for the other database, if that is causing the problem.

The password that I use, ofc is the one I got for the SMF DB

If you can help me out please. Thanks in advance. Gracias!


Enter the path from the server not a url.
Commonly paths look like

The simplest way to figure this out is upload this php script to your SMF directory and run it from your browser.

echo dirname(__FILE__);

That should output the path that the converter script is looking for.
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Thanks a lot SleePy,

It did work like a charm.

Tho now I'm getting a new error, that I know is related with the DB permissions. Since my knowled of phpmyadmin and sql, is not really extensive, and I've searched on .sql forums with no success, I would like, if its posible, for someone to help me deal with this.

The error is:
QuoteSorry, the database connection information used in the specified installation of SMF cannot access the installation of phpBB2. This may either mean that the installation doesn't exist, or that the MySQL account used does not have permissions to access it.

The error MySQL gave was: SELECT command denied to user 'xxxxxxxx'@'localhost' for table 'phpbb_users'

I understand the meaning of the error, and like I said, on the above post, I have both DB's separated, but on the same server. (I read it had to be done that way in order to conver it). Happen to be that, the phpBB DB and the SMF DB don't have the same user name, nor password. I have tried to add the same username, and password for both DBs, but it said that the username was already being used.

It sounds, like a very simple thing to me, and, even If I tried, I just can't figure out how to do it.

If anyone can help me, or would help me.

Thanks in advance.


Quote from: margarett on October 27, 2007, 08:55:13 AM
Have you used the files from this thread? It should be solved a long time ago...

Thanks. I had been using the one from the main downloads section of the site.

I just downloaded the convert and sql files shown in the first message of this thread. The first letters of the signatures are now there, but I still get this error:

QuoteRecalculating forum statistics... Unsuccessful!
This query:
ALTER TABLE `kvu_members`.smf_smileys
Caused the error:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'LENGTH(code) DESC' at line 1



I took out the "LENGTH" function from that SQL statement (why is that there, BTW, if it doesn't work?) and it seemed to work fine.

Now I have a different problem: phpBB uses Latin-1 for all its tables, while SMF uses UTF-8. I prefer UTF-8, which is one of many reasons I'm switching to SMF. But when I run convert.php the Latin-1 messages are not converted to UTF-8. So double curly quotes, for example, now show up as "“" in SMF. Is there way to make convert.php handle the character set conversion?



I need some advice.
I have a install of phpbb within nuke evo that I have to move to a new host.  Since I am moving the site I want to convert to XOOPS and SMF.  What is the best way to convert the phpbb to SMF?  Do I install the phpbb and restore the database, then install SMF, run the converter and import the converted database?  Where does the XOOPS/SMF bridge come into play?


November 10, 2007, 07:23:21 AM #336 Last Edit: November 10, 2007, 02:34:00 PM by fx_55
Latest converter.php from this theme and latest corresponding sql-file leaves [align=center][/align] in messages, I think it doesn't convert this tag.

Also leaves

Sorry if this item was already discussed here.

And why not to put latest versions of converters to the official download section on www.simplemachines.org ?


November 10, 2007, 02:11:57 PM #337 Last Edit: November 10, 2007, 02:22:52 PM by fx_55
1. And there were problems with  "---* {$to_prefix}messages 200" in latest phpbb2_to_smf.sql, reduced it to 100, I think this setting must be in main interface of the converter or at least in the such error window, where it says that it can't convert some big post(s).

2. Changed code in latest convert.php
ALTER TABLE {$to_prefix}smileys
ALTER TABLE {$to_prefix}smileys
to solve bug with SQL syntax on MySQL hxxp:5.0.xxx [nonactive].

JayBachatero, I hope You still read this topic...


OK. So I downloaded the phpBB converter from the simplemachines website and it converted my phpBB 2.0.22 forum over to SMF 1.1.3. The conversion went without error but it did not have avatars and the first character of the signatures were dropped. So I get on the forums and discover that the website does not contain the latest converters. That doesn't make much sense.

But anyway I download the sql file and the latest php script from the two different threads they're in. (Not sure why it's split up either.)

I do a clean installed of SMF version 1.1.4 and set it up for UTF-8. The empty forum is working just fine so I upload the latest script and sql file and attempt the conversion again.

This time I receive the error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/<<myfolder_name>>/public_html/forums/convert.php on line 1

What should I do?


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