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what i use is "full install" i did not upgrade.
i don't have an idea how to do large upgrade if i cant enter my smf admin area

I'm finally trying to uninstall ver 1.0 and set up 2.1.2
smf 2.14 says there is an error in news.php
I found that part of the code in the file, here's the whole function

function fix_possible_url($val)
   global $modSettings, $context, $scripturl;

   if (substr($val, 0, strlen($scripturl)) != $scripturl)
      return $val;

   call_integration_hook('integrate_fix_url', array(&$val));

/***   if (empty($modSettings['queryless_urls']) || ($context['server']['is_cgi'] && @ini_get('cgi.fix_pathinfo') == 0 && @get_cfg_var('cgi.fix_pathinfo') == 0) || (!$context['server']['is_apache'] && !$context['server']['is_lighttpd']))
      return $val;

   $val = preg_replace_callback('~^' . preg_quote($scripturl, '/') . '\?((?:board|topic)=[^#"]+)(#[^"]*)?$~', 'feed_fix__preg_callback', $val);
    return $val; ***/
   return $val;

Attached is a prtscr error that smf displays when I try to uninstall.
I see that there is a difference in the code, why is it so?
can I just remove the comment tags manually?

Are you using SMF 2.0.x or SMF 2.1?

Generally you can't make the edit if another mod changed the same area. Team:
Added support for SMF 2.1 RC1

Hi there,

on my site (2.1 RC1) the Login Popup windows  doesn't work anymore when installing Pretty URLs.

Just on my site or anywhere else?


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