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--- Quote from: vbgamer45 on May 29, 2019, 04:24:20 PM ---Did the mod make all the changes to the your smf forum?

--- End quote ---

I have no idea. It is spamming my error section, so id like to fix the error.

If you uninstalled it that means it shouldn't be in the files any more.
That means a file failed to uninstall check Sources/MessageIndex.php and remove any related code.
You can upload it via and get the install/uninstall steps

attached is the harm this mod cause to my website,i noticed my website becomes slow and my server cpu fill rate increased.after a week of installing this mod. i checked everything until i checked my php admin. this mod create a cache tabel and kept storing cache without clearing them making the website slow and also also hosting server. i have removed the mod now until the op fix this issue.

Use non caching option that should help


--- Quote from: vbgamer45 on June 22, 2019, 09:15:25 AM ---Use non caching option that should help

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none cache option is worse,i tried and it still stores cache secretly and hidden and makes the website to lag and also the server..i have removed the mod. my website runs smoothly since i removed the mod.

the op need to update this mod and remove the cache issue completely.


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