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You need htaccess


--- Quote from: vbgamer45 on August 20, 2019, 06:19:54 PM ---That could be a mod_security issue if you are getting a 403 error.

--- End quote ---
I am pleased to say that this seems to be working now, I switched hosts and decided to try this again

question, can I put custom urls? Some boards have rather long names and I'd rather keep the url simple, is there a way to edit these? so instead of it for instance being
Forum Announcements url/forum-announcements it just being url/announcements ?

and there's a few mods (or whatever you want to call them) installed that were not rewritten (knowledge base, blogs, hall of fame, like stats)

For custom urls you can change them under admin -> boards
Click Pretty urls and you can adjust the board url

here is a little bit of a public service announcement.. regarding PrettyURL's and SEO for forums installing PrettyURLS that have been established for some time, and sites that are concerned with ranking or visibility.... 

I've been running PrettyURL's for a while... most pages have bounced back in the rankings after making the change.  Some haven't, though, and those pages using the old patter url ( ?board= ) still rank higher than the 'new' ones. 

well, i'm an idiot for not doing this sooner.  I don't know if i'm an idiot alone, or if there are a bunch of us- but i'm sharing this to help everyone who's made the change and are perhaps still waiting, as i was, for there forum to 'recover' in the ranks...

this is SO simple. 

go to your google console.  inspect url... type in the OLD url ( ?board= )... inspect it- your htaccess will see the the incoming request and shove it through the prettyURL rewrites hiding out in your htaccess, and send google to the same page that is using PrettyURLs.. confirm it is indexed, searchable/can be crawled... and... hit the "webpage has changed" button and request a new index...

that freakin' simple... meta descriptions, OG tags, and my particular implementation of H1's, 2's, and 3's- that i've been waiting forever for google to get around to- were changed to reflect the new pages (using the old links) almost instantly. 

the only thing that may cause an issue is canonical... 

make certain and have "index.php?board=" 'allowed' in your robots.txt.  whaplappahpoo- you'll be good in minutes using the same links you were ranking with prior to implementing prettyURLS... i was amazed at how fast it took hold.  and hopefully, VB, since perhaps you're reading this, is there a way you can implement, in a future release, websites being approached using the 'old' url structure to either 302 to the new one and/or a code to strip 'canonical' out of the 'old' structure?

Thanks for your work, Sir.. it's worked out well for me. 

good luck!

VB- I know you likely know this^, but.... perhaps you can add it to your readme or something for new users?  methinks it may remove a lot of the trepidation out of using your product. 


--- Quote from: vbgamer45 on September 12, 2019, 06:45:21 PM ---For custom urls you can change them under admin -> boards
Click Pretty urls and you can adjust the board url

--- End quote ---
thank you, much better

how can i add others to the list to be rewritten?
ect.... these are actions but they weren't rewritten


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