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A custom filter/rule would need to be built to handle tinyportal.
I do have one for older versions of TP that might still work. Just handles TinyPortal articles.


Thanks a lot, @vbgamer45, I have tested your custom filter and can confirm it still works!

Wouldn't it be too much to ask of you to make it handle TinyPortal categories (?cat=) in addition to articles? This would be very helpful to those who are trying to keep their static text content neatly categorized, accessible and easily indexable.

ok starting up a new project and installed this and ran into a strange error
I could not use the menu (either frontend or admin)
front end the dropdown menu wouldn't work at all, admin the dropdown menu would dropdown but none of the "links" were clickable....

with the newest pretty url's installed (2.3)
on a 2.0.17
with these others installed
Sorted Package Manager Listing
Anti-Spam Links
Unknown Actions
Custom BBCodes Manager

using theme Greeny

it seems to only be this theme that is having this issue, I check other themes installed and they all work
any suggestions?

Just installed on 2.1 RC2 and now getting a 503 error and can't access anything. I checked the .htaccess and the rewrite is there, any help would be great.
A direct link is  since I am converting from Xenforo. On a side note Maintenance mode is on, but can't back in admin to disable it or uninstall mod.

use the paraphraser on the download page and make sure all edits were done
if still after that it's not working use the paraphraser to find the edits and revert them


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