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Started by JayBachatero, February 01, 2007, 09:04:03 AM

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Did you initially set SMF up with UTF-8 Support?  Also what convert.php file did you use?
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I try converting a punBB forum into SMF and I get the following error:

Converting banned users... Successful.
Converting smileys... Unsuccessful!
This query:

    ALTER TABLE `domain_board`.smf_smileys

Caused the error:

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'LENGTH(code) DESC' at line 2

Any ideea where the problem could be?

The punBB version is 1.2.15


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Any chance of this getting updated to work with punbb 1.3 soon?  I want to migrate my forum to something better but conversion fails.


You can request for an updated version on our converter requests page

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Quote from: TE on February 01, 2009, 02:09:14 PM
our guide should help you: Converting to SMF

the converter is located on our downloads page:
(or direct link: http://www.simplemachines.org/download/index.php?thanks;filename=smf_1-1-7_punbb_converter.zip)

I'm running an older version from 2005: PunBB 1.2.11. Will smf_1-1-8_punbb_converter work OK, or do I need to upgrade PunBB to a newer version (1.2.21 or 1.3.x)? Thanks.

Just found this topic: [SMF Converter] punBB  From reading the thread it sounds like the converter handles punBB 1.2.11 just fine. (But it would still be helpful to get a confirmation before I go and mess things up. ;))

Also, the converter appears to convert to SMF 1.1.8, not 1.1.7, which would mean the initial install can be 1.1.8 instead of 1.1.7.


there are no database changes made in SMF between 1.1.7 and 1.1.8. The converters will work with any SMF 1.1.(x) version.

Try the punBB converter, if you get errors please let us know.


Hi im using PunBB 1.3.5 and trying to convert to SMF 2.0 on my local machine (WAMP)

I upload the punbb_login_fix package and install it
I extract the smf 2.0 punbb converter to my root folder
I run localhost/smf/convert.php

The posts & users all convert successfully but I cannot login as admin or any user.


Hello, I am new here and recently found SimpleMachines out, mostly for SimplePortal as a frontpage, but since it is so heavily dependent on the Simple Machines forum and I got very eager to try this out, I wonder if the converter from PunBB will include the private messages data when I copy the database for conversion?


Well said Mavin, Totally agree. People come here to solve their issues, they share their views with us but their questions really get tired but it doesn't mean we should give up. These kind of Forums really help us to get the things which we were not aware before. Thanks buddy being helpful to us.


I'm trying to convert a large and old punbb 1.2.7 to SMF. I've downloaded the scripts from the converters area and I get this error:

Making sure database structure is appropriate...Converting members... Unsuccessful!
This query:

    id AS id_member, SUBSTRING(username, 1, 80) AS member_name,
    registered AS date_registered, num_posts AS posts,
    IF(group_id = 1, 1, IF(group_id = 2, 2, 0)) AS id_group,
    SUBSTRING(title, 1, 255) AS usertitle, last_visit AS last_login,
    SUBSTRING(password, 1, 64) AS passwd,
    SUBSTRING(IFNULL(realname, username), 1, 255) AS real_name,
    SUBSTRING(location, 1, 255) AS location,
    SUBSTRING(email, 1, 255) AS email_address,
    SUBSTRING(url, 1, 255) AS website_title,
    SUBSTRING(url, 1, 255) AS website_url, SUBSTRING(aim, 1, 16) AS aim,
    SUBSTRING(icq, 1, 255) AS icq, SUBSTRING(signature, 1, 65534) AS signature,
    SUBSTRING(yahoo, 1, 32) AS yim, SUBSTRING(msn, 1, 255) AS msn,
    IF(email_setting = 0, 0, 1) AS hide_email,
    timezone AS time_offset, SUBSTRING(registration_ip, 1, 255) AS member_ip,
    '' AS lngfile, '' AS buddy_list, '' AS pm_ignore_list, '' AS message_labels,
    '' AS personal_text, '' AS time_format, '' AS avatar, '' AS usertitle,
    '' AS secret_question, '' AS secret_answer, '' AS validation_code,
    '' AS additional_groups, '' AS smiley_set, salt AS password_salt,
    SUBSTRING(registration_ip, 1, 255) AS member_ip2
    FROM (mydatabase).1212_users
    WHERE id != 1
    LIMIT 0, 500;

Caused the error:

    Unknown column 'salt' in 'field list'


Hi, I have the same problem as jcarv. I use PunBB 1.2.12 and i want to convert to the lastest version of SMF. Please help me, this is very important to me...  :'(


I have been testing out SMF the last months and am planning to convert my forum in its' entirety to SMF once and for all!
What I am wondering is if it is possible for a converter to import the messages table from PunBB private messages to the SMF counterpart? :/
Feel abit stranded on a dying platform atm, :P


Does this even work with SMF 2.0? :S I am unsure since in the punbb_to_smf.sql it says:
---~ version: "SMF 1.1"

And on other places text indicates this is not done for SMF 2.0 which was released some years ago. :/ (Request has been added in case)


Quote from: Gotipe on November 14, 2011, 01:09:01 PM
Does this even work with SMF 2.0? :S I am unsure since in the punbb_to_smf.sql it says:
---~ version: "SMF 1.1"

And on other places text indicates this is not done for SMF 2.0 which was released some years ago. :/ (Request has been added in case)

Try the one at http://download.simplemachines.org/?converters;software=punbb. I don't know which versions of punBB that works with, but that's the only version that's available for SMF 2.0.
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Thanks for the link, appreciated, :)
but when I run the converter linked to above, it seems to work until converting topics where I get the following error:
Duplicate entry '551' for key 'PRIMARY'

What does this mean, :S


Anybody who can help with this? :(
Making sure database structure is appropriate...Converting members... Successful.
Converting avatars... Successful.
Converting categories... Successful.
Converting boards... Successful.
Converting topics...Duplicate entry '551' for key 'PRIMARY'

EDIT: I have tried to repair both the PunBB and SMF topic tables before conversion, to empty the SMF topic table before conversion and optimize the tables before conversion (In phpMyAdmin).
There isn't two rows with the topic id 551 in PunBB's topic table and absolutely not in the SMF table as far as I can see.
When I remove topic 551 in PunBB the error goes on to topic id 552 instead.


I've sat here days and days and plowed through half Google it seems and then it was just this...? -_-
Couldn't have been so hard, perhaps now somebody who administers the converter can fix this or at least alert those who after me might get the same error.