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To Simple Machines Forum (SMF) Admins : Building links.

Started by Niteblade, February 01, 2007, 07:43:02 PM

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February 01, 2007, 07:43:02 PM Last Edit: February 02, 2007, 07:54:35 PM by nite0859
The SMFoogle Network

What is the SMFoogle Network?
The SMFoogle Network is a voluntary network of forum administrators who display RSS content from SMFoogle.

Which RSS feeds are available?
RSS feed for new forum submissions : http://www.smfoogle.com/rss.php?list=latest&s=P&p=1
RSS feed for top sites : http://www.smfoogle.com/rss.php?list=top&s=P&p=1

How and where do I display the rss feeds?

The free content management system (CMS) known as Tinyportal allows for the creation and display of RSS blocks. I'm sure there are other systems that are compatible with SMF that will do just as well at displaying the feeds. In addition, I would recommend that you add the rss feeds into your blogs in order to create even more exposure. Consult the website that offers your software of choice for further details regarding the displaying of rss feeds.

Do you have any other recommendations?
Yes. One strong recommendation is to use the RSS Feed Poster modification on your forum. In essence, what this will do is allow you to capture the rss feeds from SMFoogle as SMFoogle updates and approves new sites. New sites contained in the rss feeds will then be posted into your forum automatically. This provides a permanent link to other SMF sites. Another reason why this modification is heavily recommended is because as new sites are approved for inclusion in the SMFoogle directory, older sites will drop off the list. By using the RSS Feed Poster modification, you're helping to ensure that there will always be a link to other SMF sites on your forum.

How does this benefit me?
Doing this will benefit everyone. The link to your site will be transported all over the SMFoogle network. When Google, Yahoo, or MSN (and other search engines) find those links, the number of backlinks to your forum will increase -- automatically. Each link to your site counts as a positive "vote" toward your site. And the more "votes" that your site has, the more likely it is that your site will be displayed before sites with similar themes or content on the search engine results pages.

What is SMFoogle's content?
We feature forums running the Simple Machines Forum software. That's it. All other sites will be denied. The administrator of SMFoogle personally validates that each site in the directory somehow links to a forum running SMF. This is why SMFoogle has the domain of SMFoogle.com.

Sounds great. How can I support this effort?
The best way to support this effort is by creating an rss feed on your personal blog or forum that uses the rss feeds from SMFoogle. Placing a link to SMFoogle.com on your site will help as well.

Where is SMFoogle hosted?
We're hosted on a shared server. As the popularity of this free service increases, the limitations of a shared hosting environment will become more and more apparent. When the day comes, this site will move to dedicated hosting. However, dedicated hosting costs much more than shared hosting. While Adsense advertisements and shopping in our Amazon affiliate stores offsets the cost of hosting, the amount of revenue from these sources is not enough to pay for dedicated hosting at this current time. If you are the administrator of a reputable hosting company, and can offer SMFoogle a special rate please contact us.
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February 02, 2007, 12:54:11 PM #1 Last Edit: February 03, 2007, 09:13:44 AM by nite0859
RSS Poster mod in action : http://forum.midessa.net/the-smfoogle-network-b77.0/

Frontpage TP RSS BLocks :  http://forum.midessa.net/
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Just made a post over at digital point :
I'm actually surprised that no one's even responded to this idea in this thread.

If this idea is adopted by a lot of people, then it's going to really mean something to submit your site to Smfoogle.


I have no desire to implement this idea myself, as it would be cumbersome. However, if the "right" people were to implement my idea, I'm sure that you could make some money.

All I ask in return is that you display my feeds for free.

Feed 1 "SMFoogle New Sites": http://www.smfoogle.com/rss.php?list=latest&s=P&p=1
Feed 2 "SMFoogle Top Sites": http://www.smfoogle.com/rss.php?list=top&s=P&p=1

The idea - Phase I

As we all know, money can be made by selling links inside link directories. I believe that money can also be made from featuring the link directory rss feeds.

Let me explain : When a site is submitted to a directory, and for this example, let's say that a new site is submitted to a directory running phpLD, there is a dynamically updated page for "New Links" and for "Top Sites". Those two pages generate RSS feeds -- which is obvious enough. The admin of the directory can choose to display 5, 10, 20+ per page. I believe the default is 20.

However, the true magic happens when those links are captured, via RSS, from Domain X and displayed on Domain Y. From Domain Y's point of view, the links are pointing to the submitted site itself. But, we all know that Domain Y's content depends upon the approval and updating done at Domain X. In this sense, directories can advertise themselves as being part of a larger network of other domains that will contribute to the inbound links pointing to the submitted site itself.

Directory owners can pay to have their RSS feeds distributed across a network of sites that will feature the RSS feeds from their directory. Since the links will "look natural," the submitted site will receive more inbound links. Also, the individual directory owner can brag to their potential customers that "when you purchase one link from us, you'll receive many more inbound links from across our network."

The Idea - Phase II
We can get these RSS feeds to become permanent. People can install a free forum software, Simple Machines Forum (SMF) in my case, and then use a RSS Poster Bot to capture the RSS feeds and turn those feeds into a forum post -- automatically. And when the forum itself increases in PR, this will add a second line of inbound links pointing to the submitted site itself. #1 - From the directory, #2 - From the network of forums displaying RSS feeds as forum posts, and #3 - Blogs.

Think about what would happen if every user here created a sub-domain just for the purpose of putting up a forum that would feature these automatic forum posted rss links ...

Of course, the real money maker is in the creation of this network of forums and Blogs that will capture and display this dynamic rss content provided by the directories.

Demo of Phase II - Is Permanent : http://forum.midessa.net/the-smfoogle-network-b77.0/
Demo of displaying RSS feeds inside a forum - Not permanent : http://forum.midessa.net/

Like I said, this is an idea and I'm not sure if it's original, given the creative and marketing sophistication level of the members of DP.

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I've added my site to it, and added the newest forums RSS Feed to my forums.


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I added my link & added your rss feed to my site.  I simply moved to a host that didn't have fopen disabled. :)


Quote from: DawnsWebDesigns on March 26, 2007, 05:22:50 PM
I added my link & added your rss feed to my site.  I simply moved to a host that didn't have fopen disabled. :)

Awesome! Each individual who participates helps the group of submitted sites!
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i understood the SMF networks and how it is working and also the RSS feeds,the way in which keep our site active in it.

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