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Software: vBulletin
Version: 3.6.x

This is the initial import for the vBulletin 3.6 converter.  There are some known issues at the moment.
Known Issues
- Permissions for boards are not converted.
- Membergorups are not converted.
- Avatars are not coppied over.

I'll be looking into fixing these issues soon.

! initial import
! At times ID_PARENT was wrong for boards.

Use this convert.php with the .sql file attached in this topic. 

sorry but I will upload the convert.php file then run it

what to do with the .sql file and where to put it?

You put it in the same place as the convert.php file.

I want to know when you will be fixing those issues.

Please reply fast.

and second thing i want to know -

As its written in the converter instruction manual

(For best results, you should install SMF on the same database as the forum you're converting from. If this is not possible, you will need to make sure that the MySQL user account being used for SMF has access to the other forum's database)

But if i install it in the same database then i think it may create problems. hows that possible please explain.


Please reply urgent.

You create a new table  prefix when you install smf. So your vbulliten will hopfully be a diffrent prefix and smf leave default as Smf_


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