Mod submission form is MAJORLY BROKEN!

Started by koji, February 28, 2007, 09:53:44 AM

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I made some changes to one of my mods but when I try to upload the new Package, I get this error message:

QuoteWe have detected that your package id contains spaces. Please remove the space and reupload the file again. The correct format is authorName:modName

OK fine... so I changed the space to an underscore. But then I get this error message:

QuoteThe package id given in the uploaded file does not match the package id given by previous versions of this mod.

Nothing I can do about any of that - and now I have a broken mod that anyone can download.

Please can someone fix this ASAP!

All I can think of to do is submit it as a new mod but that will lose all of the history etc.


I've let the customization team know of your plight. (I went through the same thing yesterday. Future reference: No spaces in the ID tag per the guidelines.)

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Do you mean the Topic Intro Tooltip mod? If so, I just fixed it for you. Hopefully we can get all of the mods fixed.
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This is not a bug.  It was meant to be that way.  What I think I might do is allow regular members to edit the package id via the mod site.  I replied to your other topic as well earlier.
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UMMM... I'm getting the same error. What exactly do I need to change and WHERE?

I named my package:

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You need to ask the Cus Team to change this for you.
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