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Started by Sarke, March 03, 2007, 02:40:26 PM

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Richard Wing

pcsimke ,

Features And Options, On the main Custom BBC admin area after you create the new tag.

Mr Cowboy,
There is a BBC permissions mod that will allow you to permission each tag.

Richard Wing


ok RichardWing i ll try it soon..

Thank you ;)

Richard Wing

I have added many tags. How do I get them to move down to the next row on the editor. Every tag I add adds it to the end of the same row and its creating a scroll bar at the bottom of the browser.

Can someone look at the post.template.php and tell me how to fix the custom bbc codes I create wrap when they are supposed to?

They wrap in FF but in IE7 they stay in one row.

Would anyone know how to fix that?

Richard Wing


Is there a chance that I can get help on how to use custom BBC. I'm real new at this so any help would be great

All I need are samples of how to add my custom code or is the a BBC mod that already has the BBC code built in

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Hi, I'm trying to add an [ol] tag that will mimic the <ol> HTML tag, but I can't get it to work. Here's the farthest I've gotten:

Tag name: ol
Description: Ordered List
Tag type: [tag=option]content[/tag]
Parse enclosed BBCode: (no parsing)
Trim whitespace: (no trim)   
Block level: Unchecked
The HTML used for the tag: <tag alt={option}><ol style="list-style-type: {option}"><li>{content}</li></ol></tag>

If I type [ol=decimal]stuff[/ol] It will display an ordered list with decimals, but only that one item, I can't figure out how to get more than one item.


I sorry I wish I could help. I'm still trying to get some one to give me some samples so I can get some more in mine right now. Who knows some one mite know

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I want use this mod for SMF newest version 1.1.4.
Because it 's cool mod: easy to share media, flash...
But only use with SMF 1.1
Help me. It 's good mod for all !


I am trying to make a custom quote bbcode, but cant seem to get the quote box. here is my code.

<blockquote class="uncited"><div><img src="http&#58;//deathknight&#46;info/blizz&#46;gif" alt="Image" />&nbsp;Source: Blizzard Official<br /><br /><span style="color: #4080FF"><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;{content}</b></span></div></blockquote>

I am just trying to get my text in blue with a small .gif as the header with a quote box around it all. anyone have any clue where i am going wrong?

nevermind i fixed it, was using the wrong class


Sorry. I have no idea. I just under stand your reason for all that extra code

<blockquote> <div class="text1"> Something here</div> <div class="image1"><img src="image/image.gif"></div></blockquote> 

Try and make it simple. Then when you have it working, Then add more options to it. And if you want to change the color. Do it from the style sheet.
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I got it working, here is what it does;topicseen#new [nofollow]

I created a new class with a set background color and font size/style

then i can make several quote bbcodes using this classs with each code having its own font color.


Cool. Good luck with your project
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In spite of having followed the information regarding the language files (for BBCode not showing up under Features and Options) I am still only getting the blank space between "Layout and Options" and "Karma". Same thing with using the code to directly access the BBCode CP. The options come up but everything is blank. I am on SMF 1.1.4 using the Wowdk_114v1 theme. I have copied Modifications.english.php to Modifications.english-utf8.php in both the Default and wowdk_114v1 language directories. Here is the directory listing for both directories: (Linux System)

[root@MyBox languages]#pwd
[root@MyBox languages]# ls
Modifications.english.php  Modifications.english-utf8.php  Settings.english.php

[root@MyBox languages]# pwd
[root@MyBoxlanguages]# ls
Admin.english.php   index.english.php           ManageMembers.english.php      Modifications.english.php~      Post.english.php      Stats.english.php
Admin.english.php~  Install.english.php         ManagePermissions.english.php  Modifications.english-utf8.php  Profile.english.php   Themes.english.php
Errors.english.php  Login.english.php           ManageSmileys.english.php      ModSettings.english.php         Reports.english.php   Who.english.php
Help.english.php    ManageBoards.english.php    Manual.english.php             Packages.english.php            Search.english.php    Wireless.english.php
Help.english.php~   ManageCalendar.english.php  Modifications.english.php      PersonalMessage.english.php     Settings.english.php

The contents of Modifications.english.php-utf8.php:

[root@MyBox languages]# cat Modifications.english-utf8.php
// Version: 1.1; Modifications

// Custom BBCode
$txt['customBBCode_tabtitle'] = 'Custom BBC';
$txt['customBBCode_tag'] = 'Tag name';
$txt['customBBCode_description'] = 'Description';
$txt['customBBCode_enable'] = 'Enable tag';
$txt['customBBCode_type'] = 'Tag type';
$txt['customBBCode_type_options'] = '[tag]content[tag]|[tag=option]content[tag]|[tag]';
$txt['customBBCode_trim'] = 'Trim whitespace';
$txt['customBBCode_trim_options'] = '(no trim)|inside|outside|both';
$txt['customBBCode_block_level'] = 'Block level';
$txt['customBBCode_button'] = 'Add button';
$txt['customBBCode_parse'] = 'Parse enclosed BBCode';
$txt['customBBCode_parse_options'] = '(no parsing)|content only|content and option';
$txt['customBBCode_text'] = 'The HTML used for the tag<div class="smalltext">&lt;tag&gt;{content}&lt;/tag&gt;</div><div class="smalltext">&lt;tag alt={option}&gt;{content}&lt;/tag&gt;</div>';

The error code I see in my forum logs:

8: Undefined index: customBBCode_tabtitle
File: /.../.../.../.../httpdocs/forum/Sources/ModSettings.php
Line: 142

I'm sure I'm just overlooking something really simple, and my frustration has got the best of me. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. :)


Sorry, Thats way over my head. You mite have to start a new topic on that one. Good luck
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Hahaha. Well at least I'm not getting yelled at for not giving enough info.  :D The the short of it is that I've got the exact same issue Resident Geek had on page one of this thread. Custom BBCode shows that it installed correctly, but I can't see it under Features and Options. There is a blank space where the tab should be. If I go to index.php?action=featuresettings;sa=custombbc, I get the BBCode "Add a tag" option, but all the drop down menus are blanked out. From what I understand, this problem is fixed by just copying the Modifications.english.php file to Modifications.english-utf8.php so that they are both exactly the same. I'm assuming this needs to be done only in the language directory of the theme you are using, and not in the default theme. I just wanted to confirm that I was understanding the Modifications.english-utf8.php fix correctly.


Well have you tried to uninstall and reinstall it again. Thats weard because I never had any problems installing it. May some thing happen when the install was coping files and it didn't copy the files right. I would try a new install.

Hey. If you find a highlighter for SMF 1.1.4, Let me know.

Good luck
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Yeah. Removed all the unnecessary themes I had installed, and tried uninstalling and then reinstalling a few times.  I think it's got to be something with that utf8 file since that was the fix for the others withs the same problem , but I just don't know how. :( Thanks for the suggestion though. Might jut be something with the Wow-DK theme. I'll try removing it and jsut using the default theme and then reinstalling the BBCode mod.


Well if you installed other things that relate to SMF. well maybe that were the problem is like you said. I would uninstall every thing back from when it was then you first installed it, and then try again. I do know that some mods will screw up other mods. So you mite want to give it a try too.

Good luck
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So crazy, i installed this mod and i have error page 500. :(


@ Techmonkey and bigjoe11a

Better advice would be to swap out all your forum files for a fresh set...simply do a full files and database backup then get the latest SMF installation package and from that overwrite/replace all but the Attachments directory and Settings.php and Settings_bak.php in your forum root. Doing that will give a new set of files with no left over items from previous installs, uninstalls or other edits.

@ hclloveh

Please check to see that all the edits and additional files the mod seeks to produce are in place in your forum and that they aren't 0k in size...remedy as needed to put right any discrepancies.

Please use a test forum to trial a new to you mod or to sort out possible problems before putting it on your main forum(s).


Sounds like an error in the server or theres a error in the page.
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