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phpBB 2.x.x databse --> SMF databse? (without having the forums installed?)

Started by nickweb, August 20, 2004, 02:35:58 PM

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Hi, quick question..

Is there a purely databse convertor for SMF to convert phpBB to SMF without having to have phpBB installed on the host? I deleted it so i could put SWF in the forum folder..

The data's still in the DB..




i think you should be fine as long as you left the phpBB database intact


Quote from: Kirbu on August 20, 2004, 03:02:56 PM
i think you should be fine as long as you left the phpBB database intact

It also needs the settings file (which is simple enough you can probably recreate it) so it can find the data... ;).



All I have left is the phpbb database on my hardrive. Is there anyway I can still save my database and get it to SMF?  Just the members! Thats all I want and their profiles of course! ???


In addition to the phpbb settings file the new version of the converter that I've been working on really needs a complete installation to work properly. For example, it copies avatar files associated with users being migrated into the appropriate SMF location, so it needs the avatar directories to exist and have the relevant files in them. It can also copy Smileys, but you can select the 'SMF only Smileys' option to bypass that.

If all you have is the database, you've got two choices...

1) Hack the converter to make it convert just the data you've got available and want to migrate.
2) Hack your data to remove anything you don't have available. So if you don't have any avatars left, you could change the phpbb_users table to empty out the avatar related fields (and set the avatar_type field appropriately) so that the converter doesn't try to move that data.


I decided just to let my 900+ members sign up again! haha.  This is my fouth phpbb board that has become SMF!  Man, i love it!  SMF rocks my socks! ;D