Forms Inside Of Topics

Started by JohnnyMcKinney, March 19, 2007, 02:25:23 AM

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I am thinking it may be possible to set up a little forum forms box. I am wanting to interview people for being moderators so I need a form for this. Heres what and how I think it should work.

Like make it so that it is in a post, BUT when they hit submit it secretly PMs the FOUNDER/OWNER of the site the results.

What I and other SMF users would need.

1.) Have the forms option only for the OWNER of the site, and NOT for anyone else inclusing Members, Moderators, and Administrators.

2.) When the user submits the name of the post needs to be written in the PM.

3.) When the user submits it does not fill in the information into a PM, but secretly PMs all the info to the owner, so it NEVER shows that it is PMing the information.

4.) Has radio buttons and text fields.

5.) Can close it like a Poll.

6.) Easy to use and fast. :)