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Share user database for 2 (or more) different forums.

Started by Spaceman-Spiff, September 03, 2004, 09:14:44 PM

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Quote from: Spaceman-Spiff on September 03, 2004, 09:14:44 PM
2. Modifying the source code
Open each of the .php files located in the Sources directory in your hard drive using a text editor program. Find all occurances of "{$db_prefix}members" and replace with "smf1_members" (without quotes). Do this for every single .php file in the Sources directory. Also find and replace the following:
"{$db_prefix}im_recipients" => "smf1_im_recipients"
"{$db_prefix}instant_messages" => "smf1_instant_messages"
"{$db_prefix}membergroups" => "smf1_membergroups"
You can also share more tables if you want and know what you're doing.

Do the source files get modified in the old forum or just for the new forum?


I saw a post from [Unknown] suggesting to do it for the themes table also.  Would I just look for "{$db_prefix}themes" and replace with "smf1_themes"?

Could someone let me know what the benefits of this would be?  I thought I'd try it, but I'm not sure of the benefits.  It seems to me like you can be more efficient by using child boards and permissions.  In what situation would one want to use two different forums with the same member list?

Edited ...  The first part of my question was answered here...

Quote from: [Unknown] on November 02, 2004, 04:53:29 PM
In addition to the tables listed in the first post, I suggest you also do the same for:

{$db_prefix}themes -> smf1_themes

You'd probably also want to share log_karma, log_online, and log_floodcontrol.


If anyone knows the benefits of 2 different forums, I'd like to hear it. 



Check out my site , click on Pet Forums. The main problem is the way that child boards have their layout. They are just listed under the main category, where multiple forums will give you a normal layout.


One other question I had is this... I don't want to get through all of the source files and then find out I did it wrong.  Do I change the themes and all the other codes to "{$db_prefix}themes -> smf1_themes" or "smf1_themes"?

Also, is there any way to make it appear as just another board on the main forum?  When you click to enter, it would automatically take you to the 2nd forum.

And... would it hurt to share all of the tables and just get rid of the other tables created during the installation?  If it's ok to do this, are all the files that need to be edited in the sources directory?

Quote from: Goosemoose on April 21, 2005, 10:33:24 PM
Check out my site , click on Pet Forums. The main problem is the way that child boards have their layout. They are just listed under the main category, where multiple forums will give you a normal layout.

You have all 3 forums in one directory.  How did you do that?  (Nice site btw)


Hi Jazz,
What do you mean in the same directory? They are actually in three: cfc,dfc,rfc.

You want to change it to smf1_themes

No way right now to just make it just to another forum, that's what I was looking for before with sub forums, but it's not something being implemented right now.
  You technically could delete the tables you aren't sharing, but I've kept them just in case something happens when I'm upgrading or something so I can fall back on the original tables.


Quote from: Goosemoose on December 28, 2004, 03:46:26 AM
Now for the questions. Any way to move a thread to a board on one of the other forums? This would be great as I am finding reasons to do this a lot. If not I was thinking of writting a mod to do this but how many other people would actually want it? Any idea where to start?

I didn't see an answer to this question.  Is there a way to move posts between the 2 boards?

I'm going to go through the tables again, but the first attempt didn't work properly.  It appeared to work, but it only showed 1 member in the information box.  That was the member that I created during the installation.  I click on view all members, and they are all there.  I missed something somewhere, so I'll go through it again.

Edited:  I know I updated all of the files this time.  It shows in the forum information box that there is only one member, but when I click on view all members they are all there.  Using Bloc's Helios theme.

Is there anything that I need to edit outside of the "sources" directory?


I'm sure that my normal help for this topic has gone to bed.   ;)  Is there anyone else who can help me with these questions?


probably not.  What do I need to change to share the same template?


In the admin panel you can create a new template and point it to the theme of your choice in the directory of your first forum.


The theme's appear to be shared.  I just need to copy some of the images to the new forum directory to make it look ok.

3 questions...

This is in the information box of the new forum.

1 Posts in 1 Topics by 1 Members - Latest Member: jazz

Shouldn't it show the number of members and posts from the original forum?

And, the members online show correct except it doesn't show me online in the new forum.

Also, did you ever resolve the issue of moving posts between forums?


I'm just going to simplify my question to make it easier to answer.

I want to share all tables with the exception of topics and boards.  So, the boards and new posts on the new board will be completely seperate.  What do I need to not modify to make sure the topics and boards are kept seperate?


Okay, if you aren't showing as online on the other forum you didn't share the log_online table. I still haven't resolved moving posts between forums. You can look up ID_Forum for another way to share forums that will let you move posts.


Thanks, I'll try again when I get home.

The thing I'm going to have to do is move all posts to the new forum and delete the ones that I don't want there.  What table do I need to copy over to the new forum?  Then I can just delete the posts I don't want there.


Spaceman-Spiff Will this also work on SMF 1.1 Beta 3?  I have tried to get it to work but I keep getting   
Table 'Password_Forum.smf_smf_members' doesn't exist


Ok that now works great BUT, it still won't tally the members on the second board if they register on the first, or vice versa... what do I need to change in the subs.php for SMF 1.1 Beta 3

Thank you


i couldnt find these in source files:
"{$db_prefix}im_recipients" => "smf1_im_recipients"
"{$db_prefix}instant_messages" => "smf1_instant_messages"

well i couldnt do it, please help :(
i replaced the members and membergroup tables (to get from the first forum)
but i cannot login in the newest. it says check cookie settings.
(i cannot change cookie settings since i cannot login)

edit: i got it. i deleted cookies and set both their cookie names the same. now works fine.
and about the tables i couldnt find are changed in new version, here they are:

{$db_prefix}personal_messages  ==> smf1_personal_messages
{$db_prefix}pm_recipients  ==> smf1_pm_recipients
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Gwydion Frost

OK, here's a different variation on this idea I would like to implement on my boards.

Creating a plethora of RolePlaying Game Boards, with many different Genres represented.

Would love to have the ability to have the member register on the MAIN site with an "Out-Of-Character" identity as a MASTER PROFILE. Ex: Bob from Ohio.

Now, when the member would click on the link to the subdomains (each separate board for each game), they would be prompted to create a CHARACTER PROFILE specific to that game.

In the Fantasy game, "Bob from Ohio" would name his character "Elohas", the rest of the CHARACTER profile indicating that he's an Elf from Arcansbane.

Bob decides that he wants to play the superhero RPG...and clicking over to THAT board, Bob is prompted to create his CHARACTER PROFILE for THAT game.

Each Character Profile would post as the Character on the board it is designated to post on, but ADMINISTRATIVELY, I would be able to tell that Bob from Ohio was Elohas, Texas Pete, and SuperVulcan, etc etc.

Because of the size of each of these boards (each templated to it's own theme), and the amount of players that will be jumping on to play, you can see my hesitation to place them ALL on one single database...

The server would go nuts with the amount of queries.

The side effect would be to slow my site down to a crawl, even just to refresh the page.

Is there a way to SEPARATE the member data (along with all the usergroup permissions, etc) into a separate DB, and still have all the separate boards access the info?

Mind you, I have NOT installed SMF yet, as I am inquiring on how I can get it to do the things I want it to beforehand?

I haven't even approached the next half of this question...

ROUND #2: Is it possible to make the character profiles like a check list...pick a race, pick a region, etc etc, and have usergroups automatically assigned by doing so...(purpose for this? The Compendium is designed to be USER Elf from Country A has certain beliefs that an Elf from Country B doesn't...due to different cultures, etc...and therefore, the Compendium will be designed to show the player what his character would believe, versus revealing the whole TRUTH (which is only shown for the character's own species).

Make sense?