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[BUG] Sources/ManageAttachments.php:568 crashes MySQL-Server

Started by DracoBlue, April 06, 2007, 06:19:49 AM

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when trying to update (creation works well) a post, which has attachements it often (nearly) happens that my mysql 5.0.18 crashes.

I looked into the statement and saw that it shouldn't be (around line 568):
( a.attachmentType =3 AND thumb_parent.ID_THUMB = a.ID_ATTACH )
mysql 5 doesn't crash when using this instead:
( thumb_parent.ID_THUMB = a.ID_ATTACH AND a.attachmentType =3 )

Basicly this seems to be an mysql 5.0 issue, but this quickfix helped me to keep my site working with smf attachements.

Kind regards,
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I tested this on my MySQL installation (5.0.32), and could not replicate it. Have you tried it with the latest MySQL version?

Have you edited the MySQL configuration in any way? If so, are you able to attach the my.cnf file here?
Also, is this on a Linux PC, or a Windows PC?
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Its a linux machine, suse 10.0. Will try to update the server, and see if that helps. [nonactive] • [nonactive]  • [nonactive]  • [nonactive]  • [nonactive] • [nonactive] • [nonactive]