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I found twp errors on the forum

Started by Shadow Queen, April 12, 2007, 01:41:48 AM

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Shadow Queen

Im sorry, If I post this in the wrong place If I did please remove it the the correct place on the forum.I found a bug on this forum.  I am trying to log in with my username and password. And I get a error
QuoteThe User doesn't esite
<-----This is the first error I come across on the forum.And here If you go to the top hit log in I found you have two activation email?
QuoteWelcome, Guest. Please login or register.
Did you miss your activation email?
Did you miss your activation email? 
I am sorry about my spelling. Im just letting you know.


The second one is known. Already reported so it can be fixed.

The first sounds like a language file spelling mistake.. exist..
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Shadow Queen

Oh, I didn't know the second one get alreadly reported.

Thank you for letting me know