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Started by Piie, April 17, 2007, 07:25:16 AM

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I installed latest stable versions of SMF and Joomla, and then installed the Bridge from this website.

Everything seems to be working fine, except, when I log in as admin on the "front-end", then I am not admin in SMF ( the admin option is not available, and even though SMF says "Hi admin", it does not give me admin rights.

I've deleted the smf_members table, and then ran the Bridge Configuration tool in Joomla backend to transfer Joomla users to SMF. IN the bridge tool, the Joomla Super Admin is correctly "paired" with the SMF administrator.

However, when I sleuth through the MySQL tables, and look at the admin member transplanted from Joomla to SMF, then I notice the problem: the smf admin has an ID_GROUP = 0, which should be 1 for administrator. However, changing it to "1" causes the whole site to crash when trying to log in on the frontpage. ( The website just returns a blank page ). The "backend" still works if I explicitly type in url/administrator, but the only way to get the front end showing is to change the ID_GROUP back to 0.

Can someone please help me to fix this? I only have 1 user configured currently ( admin as super administrator in joomla).


First of all, "latest" is not a version number.

Why would you delete the SMF members table? ???

When you set up SMF and Joomla, did you use the exact same username, email and password for both admin users?

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SMF = 1.1.2
Joomla = 1.0.12
Ostrio Bridge = 1.1.7

I didn't delete the smf_members table, only truncated it: reason = because each time I tried the synch or user migration it failed because it said the users were already there, so I was hoping that if the Bridge sync placed the users from Joomla to SMF, that it might do so with the correct permissions. Alas, that did not happen. The sync placed the users into smf_members, but again, it did so without having ID_GROUP set. Each time I change ID_GROUP to 1 then the Joomla front-end won't load if you are logged in with that user.

If I change it back to 0, then Joomla loads, but the user is seen as a guest, regardless of his status set in Joomla user manager.


Quote from: Piie on April 19, 2007, 06:13:34 PMso I was hoping that if the Bridge sync placed the users from Joomla to SMF, that it might do so with the correct permissions.
Directly from the Synch page...
QuoteThis button will migrate your Mambo/Joomla users to SMF. It will not grant usergroup status to them. All migrated users will be regular users in SMF.

QuoteThis button will synch your Mambo/Joomla groups according to your SMF groups. It will not change the status of users in SMF. It will change the status of users in Mambo/Joomla.
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