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Upgrade stopped mid way

Started by swan, August 11, 2009, 01:32:40 PM

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Database Changes
Executing database changes
Please be patient - this may take some time on large forums. The time elapsed increments from the server to show progress is being made!
Executing upgrade script 2 of 2.
Executing: "Adding new forum settings." (4 of 28 - of this script).

Database Updates Complete! Click Continue to Proceed.
Duplicate entry '0' for key 1

at 48% overall. Its been like this about 5 mins now.. any help? thanks :D



want to tell me what you done? im having the same problem


motlow: Please try to continue anyway, from that step. It is reported that it will work despite the error, and complete the upgrade successfully.

Also, in case in still doesn't work, consider making another topic, because Support topics marked as solved, as this one, are not read anymore by the support team and helpers (they don't appear in their custom support list), thus there are few chances anyone may assist.
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