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I need an SMFShop items...

Started by MonoTiz, April 22, 2007, 01:07:48 PM

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Well, hi all. I'm italian, sorry for my english.

I admin an motorcycle forum. I have installed SMFShop (in local). I need a new items.

Normal user "buy" a permission to post in a specific board.

normal user have a permission to open a new topic in a board numer 4 (for example), only if buy an items (for example: "Permission to post in board Engine") in a Shop.



I've found this code in Post.php:


// If we do give credits...
      if (isset($row_shop['countMoney']) && $row_shop['countMoney'] == "1") {
         // New topic?
         if ($newTopic)
            $points = $modSettings['shopPointsPerTopic'];
            $points = $modSettings['shopPointsPerPost'];

I could specify the number of the board in order to remove credits every new topic ...