Safe to delete phpBB DB tables after conversion and how to move directories?

Started by hilo, May 14, 2007, 12:05:37 PM

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I have sucessfully converted from phpBB to a fresh SMF install and am wondering if it is now safe to just go ahead and delete the old phpBB database tables (easily identified when I phpMyAdmin into my database as they all have phpbb_ prefixes)

Also, on how to move my SMF install to my top level directory?

My phpBB forum was in www.mydomainname/phpBB_forum_is_here/ and I installed SMF to www.mydomainname/phpBB_forum_is_here/SMF_Forum.

So I would now like to have my SMF in the top level directory rather than in a sub directory so is it a case of just downloading everything from www.mydomainname/phpBB_forum_is_here/SMF_Forum  .... Then deleting all the phpBB files from the top level directory (www.mydomainname/phpBB_forum_is_here/) and uploading the SMF files in their place?

Hope I explained that right ...

Thanks for any help


I am not sure about the database tables so I will leave that alone and another staff will be able to answer that. If you want to move the SMF though. Just download everything and then upload it to the location you want it at and run the "repair_settings.php" file found here:

Upload it to your "forum root" and point your browser at it and you should be good to go. Also instead of downloading some ftp programs and cpanel to I do believe let you move files from one location to another without downloading to your desktop. Please back everything up first before trying this.


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