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Started by aED, December 03, 2008, 06:17:56 AM

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Anyone here who knows how to make infernoshout work with SMF?


Do you mean vBulletin's Inferno shoutbox?


yes id like to use it in smf...


I've never heard about it but I don't think you can get a v-Bulletin mod -hope I got it right- on SMF.

What kind of features does it have? Maybe these SMF mods can help you:

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It has idle mode when you are not using it for a specified time you can also send pm in the shoutbox, edit your own shouts it is also very stable and many more...


Well, then you may try some integrations like FlashChat integration or make a request in Mod Requests board. Alternatively, you can check the mods I've linked and make feature requests for those mods.

I doubt it will be easy to convert a mod for a different software, as they both have very different base.
Former SMF Core Developer | My Mods | SimplePortal