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Started by SMdot™, May 30, 2007, 06:51:51 PM

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Okay so I've managed/run and done pretty much anything one can do to a website yet I'm feeling myself a bit confused as to what I'm doing haha... for starters I've wanted to administer a graphic community site for a LONG time and I attempted to do so with my own personal site... which I guess was doing alright but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.

So I've purchased the domain simpgfx.com (simplisitic designs)

Anyways I've noticed other graphic community's use Invision PowberBoard (which I can't afford) or phpBB (which I don't like, except for there user control panel) so I want to stick with SMF =)

the followings going to make me sound lazy but oh well...

I can't seem to find any good Graphic Community style themes for SMF... okay sure I'm a graphics designer so why don't I just make my own?
  • One I'm too lazy
  • Two I'm not so sure how to do SMF Themes =(

Anyways I need your guys help =P and or opinions as to what I should do... I'll give anyone who helps me out free advertising/affiliation on my homepage which I want to have somewhat similar to PlanetRenders.net and/or Model98.org