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Started by enik, June 12, 2007, 12:18:59 PM

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Mhhh, don't know which problems you're facing but this mod works here on a SMF 2.0.5 forums with PHP 5.4.20 without any problems.  :)


Like reported here: Thankomatic options disappeared from admin and profile section.



When you took over this mod, did you leave in the part where it works in conjunction with this mod? I want to reinstall this mod but it would defeat my purpose of you took that part of it out.

also, have you going to fix the problem where it doesn't put the settings in Admin anymore?


Quote from: Fisch.666 on October 20, 2013, 12:04:27 PM
Mhhh, there was a post on how to add the admin and maintenance menus to the installation:

This didn't seem to change anything for me... it still doesn't show up

Never mind, I fixed it


Hi Folks!  New SMF admin here with a question or two...

I've successfully installed Thank-O-Matic on a new 2.0.6 forum (not without an issue or two though)
I've added the code for admin and maintenance.  Also enable in forum profiles and permissions.  Turned it on and tested.  Works fine so far.

The issue;

I'm using a theme "Assassin by Skinmod" which TOM breaks page layout on.  It works fine with SMF default theme.
Examples attached.

Can anyone help me track down where and how to fix the layout for my board's theme?


I suppose I should show what the board is supposed to look like....