Problem when trying to sync user's

Started by tam2oo5, June 12, 2007, 03:26:36 PM

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After converting to SMF, when i try to run the sync it always displays a page cannot be displayed. Is this normal?, also i think could maybe be a problem to the fact that my user's cannot log in to Joomla or SMF almost as if its not converting right. However my account the admin still work's .... any suggestions?


Are your Joomla and SMF installs in different databases?  Do those database users have access to each others databases?
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No mate both are installed under the one database, just done a quick test. Members in the phpbb newbie members groups can not log in. However when i changed one of the members to a moderator staus it worked with no problems. This raised issues after all my staff ie admins and moderators could log in but no user's. Only difference was the member group's. Maybe this could help someone out.


SMF version?

Bridge version?


You mention that you had phpBB installed.  Did you have the phpBB component for Joomla installed at any time?


SMF Version - 1.1.2

Joomla-SMF version: 2.0.2

URL?? ,

PHPBB component was not currently installed, Why would member in the mod and admin only work? .


QuoteJoomla-SMF version: 2.0.2

You will find better support for joomlahacks products at


Ive now uninstalled that version mate and installed SMF Bridge 1.1.7 , from a few post's above. It still looks as if its the same, however il go try it out and get back to you.