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Started by thomasthetank, June 19, 2007, 09:30:02 AM

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For starters I guess I may aswell mention that I'm unfortunately using the JoomlaHacks bridge because yours is unavailable, and that I'm also very tired.

I have two questions, there are two possible solutions to my problem, but I only need one.. hmm basically I don't mind running my forum wrapped or non-wrapped as long as i can fix at least one of these things \/

1) In non-wrapped mode I've been trying for ages and ages to figure out how to create a menu in smf to link back to Joomla with no luck. How can i do this?

2) In wrapped mode I would like to get rid of the main menu and user menu on the left hand side of the page when in the forum.

Thanks a bunch,


1) search on adding a button in SMF. There are several thread about it, and it's documented in the smf doc site.

2) you'll probably have to modify your joomla template, and then make sure that none of the modules in those locations are displayed on a menu item that links to the forum.

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