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Started by Thantos, June 23, 2007, 10:29:36 AM

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Recently I was asked why I enjoyed programming.  This question was one I have been asking myself recently so I already had an answer.  I enjoy programming because, to me, it is an awesome balance between science and artistic expression.

The science of programming can easily be seen when you you look at different algorithms, compare them, and try to find the most effective one.  When you break a problem down and figure out how each part is related you've got a scientific method going.

Even with all that science going on there is still an underlying artistry going on.  I still get to take some abstract thought of mine and turn it into something real.  To me that is what makes it so much fun to do.  The ability to give my thoughts form is what keeps me coming back.

So for you programmers out there:  Why do you like to program?

Joshua Dickerson

It is a means to an end. I like to build stuff and make stuff better. I am not really a fan of the work that it takes to get to that point ;)
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Always gives a nice feeling if you were able to solve a complicated problem and created something nice and functional :)
It's fun how you've got to think about possible solutions and what the best solution would be in that specific situation.


I enjoy programing because to me it is fun and I love seeing people use my programs and making it easy to do something that otherwise would of taken some knowledge to do it.
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It's fun telling other (things) what to do. :P

What I like is the challenge to find a solution. I actually enjoy working on it then seeing it done.
It is always the process, and it is constantly evolving. In my case the programming "self" transpires in my real life, or maybe thanks to my real self's analytical nature that I like so much programming. In any case, I find that programming is like an exercise of my being, it is where I can manifest myself at best. Heck, I'd say it is almost a spiritual process.
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I enjoy it because of the creativity involved. I enjoy "making" things, and it's always been something that I've been good with. I love starting from scratch and building an entire working system; or even building onto a large, existing system that I already have in-place.

As a career programmer, I actually have fun going in to work every day and writing code. Perhaps I'm strange, but I can't help it. :)