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What is repair_settings.php?

Started by [Unknown], October 13, 2004, 12:54:38 AM

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repair_settings.php just fixes paths and the main settings located in Settings.php.  It has nothing to do with mods.  From the looks of the error it looks related to a dropdown search mod.  As for support in the mod's topic.
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Quote from: JayBachatero on October 09, 2007, 11:44:39 PM
How did repair_settings.php screw up your board? Seems to me like a mod issue and not an SMF issue.

No, the reason why this happened was not because of a mode.

I have the board up and running again, but when a user logs in, he gets the same mysterious error message. I downloaded the whol board to my PC, and no such word (dropdownquicksearch) appears anywhere.

I don't understand and I have no idea what to do. Can you advise me something?


What do you suggest to do?

Maybe to create a new installation of SMF?
If I do, then:
1. Solve the mod problems I had
2. Can do a lot of cleaning up
3. I can auto-forward everything from the current URL to the new board when it is all setup and ready

But ...
How to import the users and posts from the previous board?


Quote from: wimvincken on October 10, 2007, 12:03:17 AM
There were some problems in the board with some mods.  But the repair_settings.php really brought it to the attention and right now before I need to go to work.

Well, remove all mods in the board and see what happens, not?

I am a happy man! Tralala!

The problem was that the directory for the default theme (SMF Default theme) was corrupted.

After I forced everyone to use a custom theme, the problem is resolved and everyone logs in correctly.


Thanks for the help and I wil come back tonight with some very interesting issue for discussion. Until then.



The download link for repair_settings.php doesn't work for me - it takes me to the SMF converters download page (for converting from one Forum to another) I did a search on that page - no file by that name :(

ANy help welcome :)


Old thread this but I still like to give credit where its due.

This thread has helped me allot.

BIG thanks to the OP

agent smith

I uploaded repair_settings.php and called it in my browser, but nothing happens, I get a blank screen and thats it. Is someone willing to help me out?


Ok, I'm new to all this and seems I'm having a really bad day.  I keep deleting things completely by accident.  Anyways, I ran this as suggested and it said that the server was busy so I went back and looked at it but my password is missing from the MySQL password: section of the repair.  Does anyone know how to retrieve this information?  I deleted and tried again but still missing. 
Thank you


Check inside settings_bak.php in the foot folder of your forum.
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Desperate Help Needed

When I try to connect to our forum I get an error saying Connection Problems
Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.

When i run repair settings_php I get
Some settings are not being shown because the MySQL connection information is incorrect.

The setting look ok as far as i can tell. Help Please!!! is my home page just follow the forums link.

It doesn't work for me because I have this message at the top with Some settings are not being shown because the MySQL connection information is incorrect.  how do I fix that


i have downloaded this file, what i do next? there's no exe file that i can install...what should i do next? i have the same problem "connecting problem".

thank alot bro


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hi there!!

i wanna rename my current smf forum FOLDER to another
i.e old smf folder name is FORUM and i wanna rename to COMMUNITY

does this repairs_settings.php helps me to do that??

and does it renames the folder of FTP??


It doesn't change the directory name in FTP. First manually change the name of the folder that your forum is in. Then use repair_settings.php to fix the directories.
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Great feature!!

Thats work fine to me! I had lost my db connection (passwd) and this simple page gives me the solution.

Thanks !!


QuoteIf you would like to see more or different functionality in repair_settings.php, please say so in this topic.

SMF 1.1.7 semi-newbie.

It was very helpful after a self-inflicted re-install to get themes working ok.

The following may or may not be related:

Since then I've noticed that:

  • I have to re-login multiple times per day ... pretty much everytime I do something involving Admin.
  • I am unable to logout from Admin on one computer, but can Login and Logout from "non admin proxy test members" from another computer on the same SOHO.
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Dawn Ng

If I use this action, will my data (my post, members, post counts, board) be deleted? I hope not.


This download is giving me 404 ATM. ???