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KEEP SEE '?' in Chinese INput

Started by drss, July 07, 2007, 12:48:44 PM

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hi, i want to display traditional chinese properly, have try modify the index.php for set name at line 55, but still not working.... should i use utf8_bin or utf_unicode_ci(default) at database side??


utf8_unicode_ci is fine. is this a new installation?


my server already set such installations. but all chinese character inputed all became ????? still, even tried yr method in editing the index.php,... shall i give up?


if you pm your login info to your server, i can go in and take a look.
it's probably just missing something somewhere...


there should be right setting in language at server, my other programs such as zencart can all display correctly, smf was already set in utf-trad-chinese, problem is only the template can display chinese but not the content input!... is it a bug??????


I also meet the same problem. Alou I have set the SMF to run in Trad.Chin,
But I can not input Trad Chinese char in as the group or board name.
Even User nick can't be set to Trad. Chinese char too. I suspect all those are
originated from the same prob.

This is what happen if I assign chinese char as the group name(Boxed in red).
As the graphic shows, the system IS running under Trad.Chinese setting.

This is SSI.php,I have added the line in red box after reading some posts from this board.

This is index.php, also a line added (boxed in red).

Can someone please help this?

SMF newbie.


Dear All:

My situation has been solved.
I guess the problem got me is due to two reasons;
1st, I install the older SMF(1.1.2/1.1) through Fantastico, and the installation doesn't give any further control. 2nd, SMF didn't natively turned on support for UTF-8.

I have to give my thanks to other moderators and Support Specialist.
After searching other language area, please refer to this page:("")

After exec the "Delete from..." SQL scripts, I do have the option to convert DB to UTF-8 in my management interface.
And after following the settings on this page(""), now I can
have account name / discuss group / post title in trad. chinese chars without a problem.

Thanks for everyone in the support forum.

SMF newbie.


SMF Newbie


yes - finally we all get relived!!  Thanks everyone !!!  ;D