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CS Classic

Started by Melfina, July 07, 2007, 04:14:06 PM

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Link to the theme

CS Classic is a theme by [nonactive]

Live demo: [nonactive]

This theme gives a very soft touch to SMF.
The default theme is required to be on your forum as many of this theme templates are taken from it.

The whole theme is XHTML compliant [nonactive] ~ [nonactive]


Very nice theme.  :)

Good job!


I love it. I am going to use this next month!


Very nice but is there any way a logo could be added instead of the text on the banner? and could the text colour be darkened as its very light... ? :)


Nice, I'm definitely adding this to my other themes. (Where do I go to rate it anyway?)


Yes great theme.  I use it on my site.



I have added this on my site also but, I can't get the K-detection mod to function on it. :(

Donjoe, you need to join the Celestial Forum to add a comment on it i think?
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Addendum, I got the MOD to function :D
This Theme is bloody good :D
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I'm like GTi_Nicky , I would like to put a logo instead of the text in the banner. Does anyone know what to do with the code on the index.template.php file? ^w^


Looks very nice, love to see original themes like ths.
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Thanks a lot for the comments  ;)

I did not test this yet, but to put a logo instead of the forum title, try this:
Open index.template.php and replace this:
<div id="title"><h1>', $context['forum_name'], '</h1>

With this:
<img src="Themes/csclassic/yourimage.jpg" height="75px" width="" alt="" style="float:left;" />

The logo image should be 75px height maximum so that the header background looks good. [nonactive] ~ [nonactive]


I made the change like you said but it won't show the logo I made. I tried in Gif and Jpg format but still nothing :( You can see about 1mm of  my logo but it is shadowed under the header.gif.
Any help would be appreciated. :)
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I got the logo to show properly and I also made it link to my main page, here is what I did in the index.template.php.
I found you need to specify the width as well as the height. :D

<div id="header"><a href="">
<img src="Themes/csclassic/image004.jpg" height="60px" width="302px" alt="" style="float:left;" /></a>
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Thank You all for the info above, now I have another question? On those codes it says "forum name" how to I change it from my .net to a real name?

THanks, Marie


Is this theme compatible with smf 1.1.7 ?

I installed this theme on my smf 1.1.7 forum, it works o.k. but the scroll bar on the bottom of the screen is missing.


Scroll bar at the bottom?


Yep, there is no scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.
This scroll bar is needed in the admin sector (reports ect).
I Can't scroll the screen to the right.


I have no idea why that would be missing. This theme just calls the default theme Admin.template.php so it should work the same as other themes.


All the other themes operate ok but this one not   :'(


Use the practical solution: change themes when you want to generate reports, then change back for all other use.


Is this theme still compatible with SMF version 1.15?  If so, can I get a link of where to download it?
SMF 2.0.2


it will work with 1.15 , where the DL link is i dunno??
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