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Icons - Images for Child Forums

Started by cerberos, October 16, 2007, 02:39:49 AM

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Hello all again,

I searched the mods to find a possible solution and some of the 14 pages of the forum that reffer to "child forum" but nothing.

What i want to do, is to have child forums in a table (3 per line perhaps) and have them with icons for each one of them. I am suprised that no one have made a mod for this yet (was a big hit at Vbulletin, which i had for years). But if someone can tell me what code to add where, will be awesome :)

Ty in advance as always,


I'm sure it's been on talking sometime, at the docs website there is this, its integrated with SMF, try search more.


Couldnt find anything about it :(

Any mod / anyone managed to use images instead text, on child forums?


Well there isn't a way by default to do this. But it could be done.

If you open BoardIndex.template.php in /Themes/default (Or other if you use another theme), you will see the coding that outputs the child boards. You could simply add a image before this and have it based off of board id to show the icon.
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