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cannot login in smf

Started by mossimo, August 01, 2006, 01:19:48 PM

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August 01, 2006, 01:19:48 PM Last Edit: August 01, 2006, 03:37:16 PM by mossimo
i installed fresh smf & bridge 1.5 joomla 1.0.10 & community builder 1
but i cannot login in my smf bridge :(
password incorrect & login id. and i redirect to change password!
i use the same  database for joomla & SMF 1.1 rc2 & i also try to use the same database for both still not working
i try many times to login in smf forum but i cannot login now the error says like this
" Sorry, you are out of login chances. Please come back and try again later."
i hope somebody can help me!!!
i am very new in joomla and this bridge!!
please help me1!!!!
Note: when i try to login in firefox in window its ok but when i try netscape its not working.
2. when i try to click the menu for in bridge its not working in IE6 WINDOWS i cannot view all the forum i tested it in laptop i cannot view but when i try it different pc i view already the forum.
3. i used (MAc firefox & explorer) & (windows Firefox & IE) its working but after i login in JOOMLA using COMMUNITY BUILDER login then i create menu to component bridge of smf its not working after i login in joomla because my site only registerd user can view the whole site so the should login first in my site before they can login in the SMF forum.
But after the login the forum i redirect to the homepage of my site then i click again the menu for smf bridge and now i login in smf.
how to disable to go back again in my homepage after i click the login in smf?
Joomla is using SMF for their forum and i used netscape in browsing forum of joomla official website and there is no problem win netscape but my smf forum i cannot login in using netscape it says" Sorry, you are out of login chances. Please come back and try again later."
4. When i change my password in users change password in community builder he cannot login in SMF FORUM, i thought i already use CB login!

please help me!!!


+1, I am having the same problem but without community builder.  Some users can not log in - its as if the site forgets the users password.  Email function for new password is not working.  If I (site admin) change the users password, they still can not log in.  Even if I delete the  users account,a nd they recreate it, they still can not log in.

Gà Mái

Yes, i have that problem, some body help us !!!!!!!!
-- I love SMF --


Any of you people still have this issue and would like help with this?
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It would be handy...I need help with this sometimes as well. A fix would be appreciated.