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Started by Matthew K., July 16, 2007, 01:07:24 PM

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Quote from: Aäron on January 24, 2008, 10:52:55 AM
Quote from: vlindertje on January 23, 2008, 03:35:28 AM
I also install it few days ago. But there is no features section in the admin.

There isn't supposed to be any, either! ;D

Quote from: Krysia on January 23, 2008, 09:14:35 PM
I used my own theme which is essentially the default with different graphic colors.

I've installed 24 mods; more than half manually; you'd think I'd have a handle on it by now. I don't get it.

Have you modified your index.template.php and Display.template.php, though? If you haven't, the buttons won't appear in your own theme.

Display.template.php, yes.
Index.template.php, yes.



Can anyone tell me what filename is for the image/button that you use on this mod?

at the moment I only have the IMG ALT "Add bookmark" but no image.... it only shows red "X" in place... right clicking it and clicking on properties just giving me this: <==no image filename here.


What part of the file I can change the image filename? I've already created a custom Add Bookmark button.



Never mind... found it! Thanks...


Still no luck w/Bookmarks not showing.

I don't get it.


Hi!  I installed this bookmarks mod and everything is fine on the default theme -- Core.  However, on my custom theme (Novelty TP -- a text link), the add bookmark text link appears normally.  But I don't have the "My Bookmark" menu.  The thing is, my custom theme's index.template.php is using a different code.  Can somebody help me what to do on this?  Below is the custom index.template.php.

// Show the menu up top. Something like [home] [help] [profile] [logout]...
function template_menu()
global $context, $settings, $options, $scripturl, $txt;

// add buttons here
$context['menubox'] = array();

'title' - the string the link will have
'link' - the actual link
'chosen' - which "current_action" this button belongs to.
'memberonly' - show it JUST for members
'guestonly' - show it JUST for guests
'permission' - any permission you want to check before displaying the button


// home button
'title' => $txt[103],
'link' => $scripturl,
'chosen' => '',
'memberonly' => false,
'guestonly' => false,
'permission' => '',

// forum button
'title' => $txt['tp-forum'],
'link' => $scripturl.'?action=forum',
'chosen' => 'forum',
'memberonly' => false,
'guestonly' => false,
'permission' => '',
// help button
'title' => $txt[119],
'link' => $scripturl.'?action=help',
'chosen' => 'help',
'memberonly' => false,
'guestonly' => false,
'permission' => '',

// search button
'title' => $txt[182],
'link' => $scripturl.'?action=search',
'chosen' => 'search',
'memberonly' => false,
'guestonly' => false,
'permission' => '',

// admin button.This one have permission check for admin as well
'title' => $txt[2],
'link' => $scripturl.'?action=admin',
'chosen' => 'admin',
'memberonly' => false,
'guestonly' => false,
'permission' => 'allow_admin',

// profile button
'title' => $txt[79],
'link' => $scripturl.'?action=profile',
'chosen' => 'profile',
'memberonly' => false,
'guestonly' => false,
'permission' => 'allow_edit_profile',

// PM button
'title' => $txt['pm_short'] . ' '. ($context['user']['unread_messages'] > 0 ? '[<strong>'. $context['user']['unread_messages'] . '</strong>]' : ''),
'link' => $scripturl.'?action=pm',
'chosen' => 'pm',
'memberonly' => true,
'guestonly' => false,
'permission' => 'allow_pm',

// calendar button
'title' => $txt['calendar24'],
'link' => $scripturl.'?action=calendar',
'chosen' => 'calendar',
'memberonly' => false,
'guestonly' => false,
'permission' => 'allow_calendar',

Hope someone could help me.

Thanks in advanced!


Never mind, I got it.


In spanish
// Bookmarks
$txt['bookmarks'] = 'Mis Favoritos';
$txt['bookmark_not_for_guests'] = 'Lo sentimos, solo miembros registrados pueden agregar favoritos!';
$txt['bookmark_list'] = 'Favoritos';
$txt['bookmark_list_empty'] = 'No tienes ningun favorito en el momento. Agregalos haciendo click en el boton \'Agregar Favorito\' en la parte superior de los mensajes, justo al lado del boton de Responder.';
$txt['bookmark_open_window'] = 'Abrir en ventana nueva';
$txt['bookmark_delete'] = 'Borrar favoritos seleccionados';
$txt['bookmark_delete_success'] = '%1$s Favoritos fueron borrads exitosamente!';
$txt['bookmark_delete_failure'] = 'No todos los favoritos pudieron borrarse.';
$txt['bookmark_add'] = 'Agregar Favorito';
$txt['bookmark_add_success'] = 'El mensaje fue agregado exitosamente a tus favoritos!';
$txt['bookmark_add_exists'] = 'Este mensaje ya ha sido agregado a tus favoritos!';
$txt['bookmark_add_failed'] = 'Error al intentar agregar el mensaje a tus favoritos.';

Where is the botton "My Favorites"????? That must be in the Index forum;mod=864;id=47029;image

I know where is the "ADD" button but If I want first to see the favorites that I already added???


Ouch... well, It`s a theme problem.

We must add some code to each theme. In my case:

In Index.template.php of  Usbb Port Theme

I add a code between 516 and 517 lines

Quote// Show the [bookmarks] button.
   echo '<li><a href="', $scripturl, '?action=bookmarks">' , $txt[331111] , '</a></li>';

Oh, and in the default theme folder, in the index.spanish.php I add

$txt[331111] = 'Mis Favoritos';


I get an error after clicking the bookmarks button...

Unknown column 'bm.ID_MEMBER' in 'where clause'
File: /home/spasm/public_html/combat/Sources/Bookmarks.php
Line: 57


Are you sure the mod's installed correctly? If you have access to PHPMyAdmin, could you check whether the bookmarks table exists?


Quote from: senyorito on February 21, 2008, 01:18:21 AM
Never mind, I got it.
What did you do, because I still don't have it. :(


Hi Aaron!  This is a neat idea - thank you!  I successfully installed your mod, but I don't see the Bookmark button in the topics or "my bookmarks" at the top bar.  Is there something I need to do to activate it?  I'm very new at this and don't know much about code, etc.

I logged out, and logged back in.  Now there appears to be a space between "Reply" and "Notify" for the "Bookmarks" link.

Curiousor and curiousor...I'm registered as an Administrator, 2 Global Moderators, and a Newbie account on my board.  Now I see that when I'm logged in as the Admin or one of the 2 Global Moderators, there's no Bookmark button or "My Bookmarks" link (but there is that small gap between "Reply" and "Notify").  When I'm logged in as the other Global Moderator or the Newbie, both are present and operable.

I'm using the standard core theme, and these are my mod packages:
1.     Registered Links      1.0      
2.    Easy Edit Meta Data    1.0
3.    Registration - Show Gender mod    1.0.0    
4.    FavIcon    1.1    
5.    BoardHover Mod    1.1.0    
6.    Custom Profile Field Mod    3.17    
7.    Bookmarks    1.1    
8.    Ad Managment    2.3    
9.    Admin member list registration date    1.0    
10.    SMF 1.0.12 / 1.1.4 / 2.0 b1.1 Update    1.0    
11.    SMF 1.1.4 Search "brd" Bug Fix (1.0.1)    1.0.1
12.    Avatar on Member List    1.0    
13.    Enhanced Password Reminder    1.0    

Looks like I have 17 pages of errors related to the bookmarks mod, all in relation to these two accounts (the Administrator & the one Global Moderator), and they all have to do with
Quote8: Undefined index: bookmarks
File: /home/auditor1/public_html/Themes/default/Themes.template.php (main_above sub template - eval?)
Line: 649
QuoteMessageIndex.template.php (main_above sub template - eval?)
QuoteBoardIndex.template.php (main_above sub template - eval?)
QuoteAdmin.template.php (main_above sub template - eval?)


Looks like the mod didn't modify the Modifications-file of the language you're using. Perhaps you're using English-UTF8? In that case, open /Themes/default/languages/Modifications.english-utf8.php and add (just above ?>):

$txt['bookmarks'] = 'My Bookmarks';
$txt['bookmark_not_for_guests'] = 'Sorry, only registred members of this community can use the bookmarks feature!';
$txt['bookmark_list'] = 'Bookmarks';
$txt['bookmark_list_empty'] = 'You don\'t have any bookmarks at the moment. Add one by clicking \'Add bookmark\' in topics.';
$txt['bookmark_open_window'] = 'Open in new window';
$txt['bookmark_delete'] = 'Delete selected bookmarks';
$txt['bookmark_delete_success'] = '%1$s bookmarks were deleted successfully!';
$txt['bookmark_delete_failure'] = 'Not all bookmarks could be deleted.';
$txt['bookmark_add'] = 'Add bookmark';
$txt['bookmark_add_success'] = 'The topic was successfully added to your bookmarks!';
$txt['bookmark_add_exists'] = 'This topic is already listed in your bookmarks!';
$txt['bookmark_add_failed'] = 'Failed to add the topic to your bookmarks.';

Save the file and reupload if necessary. That should solve your problem! :)


Hi Aaron!  Thank you for that.  I am on English, however (that caused some problem 3-4 weeks ago for something else and I was told to switch from English-UTF8 to English and I did).

Does this make a difference in your advice, or should I go ahead with the fix you suggested?

I realize you may not be able to get back to me right away - good luck in your studies  :)


In that case, try adding the strings to Modifications.english.php. That should help.

In other news: I added Bookmarks v. 2.0, for use with SMF 2.0 beta 3 public, to the mod site.


Hi Aaron!

Thank you for taking time from your studies to assist on this.  I probably should have done this earlier, but here are the current contents of my Modifications.english.php file:

// Version: 1.1; Modifications

// Registration - Show Gender mod
$txt['registration_gender_admin_field'] = 'Show gender on registration form?';
$txt['registration_gender_template_field'] = 'Gender';
$txt['registration_gender_all_label'] = 'Gender';
// Registration - Show Gender mod

$txt['header_favicon_url'] = 'Favicon Image Url:';
$txt['header_favicon_url_desc'] = 'Must be a 16x16 png/gif/ico image
<br />Use .ico for best compatibility (eg IE7)
<br />Leave blank to disable
<br />(<a href="" target="_blank">Help</a>)'

$txt['bookmarks'] = 'My Bookmarks';
$txt['bookmark_not_for_guests'] = 'Sorry, only registred members of this community can use the bookmarks feature!';
$txt['bookmark_list'] = 'Bookmarks';
$txt['bookmark_list_empty'] = 'You don\'t have any bookmarks at the moment. Add one by clicking \'Add bookmark\' in topics.';
$txt['bookmark_open_window'] = 'Open in new window';
$txt['bookmark_delete'] = 'Delete selected bookmarks';
$txt['bookmark_delete_success'] = '%1$s bookmarks were deleted successfully!';
$txt['bookmark_delete_failure'] = 'Not all bookmarks could be deleted.';
$txt['bookmark_add'] = 'Add bookmark';
$txt['bookmark_add_success'] = 'The topic was successfully added to your bookmarks!';
$txt['bookmark_add_exists'] = 'This topic is already listed in your bookmarks!';
$txt['bookmark_add_failed'] = 'Failed to add the topic to your bookmarks.';
$txt['avatar'] = 'Avatar';
//Begin Reg Links
$txt['no_view_links'] = 'You are not allowed to view links.';
//END Reg Links Text Strings


I already have the information you posted, but I also have some additional stuff in there (to limit guests from viewing links, & to add gender to registration).  I thought I'd better show this to you to see if you had any advice on what I should do.  I appreciate your help - don't interrupt your studies for this - reply when you can.

In helping me with another issue here, the solution seems to have resolved this problem as well - I now have access to the Bookmarks feature for all users.  Thank you Aaron for all your help.  I hope your studies are going well.

This really is a terrific mod! :)


Quote from: Aäron on March 18, 2008, 02:38:42 AM
In other news: I added Bookmarks v. 2.0, for use with SMF 2.0 beta 3 public, to the mod site.

I'm still on 1.1.4 - Which version of this mod should I use?


Quote from: seek2501 on March 18, 2008, 03:02:13 PM
Quote from: Aäron on March 18, 2008, 02:38:42 AM
In other news: I added Bookmarks v. 2.0, for use with SMF 2.0 beta 3 public, to the mod site.

I'm still on 1.1.4 - Which version of this mod should I use?

Download and install:


Several people in this thread (at least 4) have had this error...

3.     Execute Modification     ./Themes/default/index.template.php     Test failed

But their questions have been ignored by the OP.

I would also like to use this mod, but get the error. Please advise.

I'm using the following other mods...

1.     Who Voted What?      1.1.4       [ Uninstall ]  [ List Files ]  [ Delete ]
2.    BoardHover Mod    1.1.0    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
3.    Todays Birthday    0.1    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
4.    SMF Links    1.6.7    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
5.    Bookmarks    1.1    [ Apply Mod ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
6.    MCLegendII    1.1    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
7.    Ad Managment    2.3    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
8.    Avatar Under Membergroups Rank    1.1    [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
9.    FavIcon    1.1    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
10.    TopicCountOnDispla    1.1.5    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
11.    Contact Page    1.1    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
12.    Country Flags    1.0.1    [ Apply Mod ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
13.    Website Button    1.1.4    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
14.    Spoiler Show And Hide    1.0.3    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
15.    Signature Dropdown Choices    1.0    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
16.    SMF 1.1.4 Search "brd" Bug Fix (1.0.1)    1.0.1    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
17.    Profile Comments    1.3.6    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
18.    SMF Shoutbox    1.16b    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
19.    Users Online Today Mod    1.4.0    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
20.    Avatar Under Membergroups Rank    1.1a


This is an excellent mod - thank you!

I assume that because the data is stored in a separate table, when a forum is upgraded to 2.0 (with the SMF2 version of the mod) it will be preserved?